Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Gazette Stole From Me

I swear, I think the WV Gazette stole my assessment of the weather for their paper today! Bastards! Honestly, I would have been reading the Daily Mail online, only they changed the font size of their obituaries and it's about a 3 point (itty bitty). Yes, I do read the obits every day, what of it?

Maybe it's just that the staff at the Gazette are boring, dottering old fools like myself and therefore, have nothing more interesting to report on than the weather? Could be.

Here: I was another unusually balmy day in WV. Let's see if they print that tomorrow and then I'll have 'em dead to rights. Hmmmph. (you all do know I'm kidding, right?).

Ah well. There's a PTO meeting at Buddy's school tomorrow evening, so I'm looking forward to that (no seriously, I am - those things are comedy gold!).

I got the school newsletter today and discovered that Buddy scored in third place on the Kanawha County Math Field Day test for his grade (within his own class, not the county, that competition is later). Yet, he says he hates math? He won't be going to the county competition unless the 1st place or 2nd place persons can't make it. Which is highly unlikely.

I really need to get motivated on my thank you notes for the kids' Christmas gifts. Then, I'll have to turn around and do it all over again for birthday gifts. I was raised to write Thank You's and I can't turn away from that. Up until Sissy was born, I made Buddy do his own, but since she can't write yet, and I'm sending cards to the same sets of people for both kids (i.e. Aunt & Uncles, etc.), I may as well just write one card, include both kids and let Buddy draw a picture or something on it. Saves a bit on stamps and my hand as well - I have terrible handwritting anyway. I'm waiting on the day when they make printers that will print your message directly on the card of your choice and all you have to do is sign and mail! Someone come up with that soon, okay? Thanx.

Well, I've got laundry brewing, dishes washing and a host of other late night activities beckoning me. Hasta la pasta, friends.


  1. Thank you notes for Christmas? OK I obviously was raised a complete ass because up until you said that I never even thought about it. My family was not big on the written thank you's, you said thank you when you got it and you were done. Crap.. now I've got almost 39 years worth of guilt for not writing thank you's... My therapist will probably send you a thank you card for the extra money she will earn from this.

  2. Way to go kiddo! Tell Buddy we congratulate him on the placement!

    I read the onits on the Daily Mail online everyday, and I have not noticed that they changed their print size. Am I that blind???

  3. Ah, yes, thank-yous. Emily is 7 and a good writer, so we have entered into the bliss which is handing her a list of gifts and a rough template for how to write a thank-you note, and letting her have at it for half an hour. "Dear ___, Thank you for the ____. [sentence about why you like it or how you will use it]. Happy New Year! Love, Emily."

    Then I wrote Jacob's notes on the back, and viola! Done!

    There's just something so virtuous about putting that little stack of envelopes in the mailbox. :)

    And congrats to Buddy! I married a math guy... they aren't so bad.

  4. Do you think that if I write a Thank-you note to Ma Nature, she'll let us keep the 70-degree weather?


    I was raised that way, too. I try to keep up with it, but I have a ginormous family. Still, I feel bad when I don't write them. There's something really cool about getting a handwritten note in the mail. :)

  5. Another idea to save on writing and reduce clutter -- I save the kids' drawings in a storage container under their beds, and then let the kids write their thank-you notes on the backs. Then their artwork gets "recycled" and usually winds up on the fridge at Aunt Bonnie's instead of in a pile or in the trash. :)

  6. haha "I obviously was raised a complete ass".

    I don't think you should be surprised that Buddy doesn't like Math even though he is good at it. I was pretty good at math myself and understood it well but I was just more interested in creative things :-)

    Maybe you should tell him that chicks dig math ;-)

  7. Yay, Buddy! When he gets to junior high, there will be teams for math field day and third is on the teams. Least it was in my day. I hated math too, but excelled at it until high school (when I hated the teacher and refused to be a mathlete on his team).

    I suck at thank you notes. Good for you carrying on with the tradition though. It is better to thank than not.

  8. Good for Buddy....really good. I have always writen thank you notes and my kids did too....but now...my kids & grandkids have fallen off on that and I am lucky to get a thank you call. I read the obits too but mainly to see how old they were in realtionship to how old I am now.

  9. Thank you notes? Pardon? ;)

    We do them ifthe gift-giver is remote, otherwise and lovely and heartfelt thank you at hte time of receipt os enough. I'm sofa king LAZY!!

  10. Yay for Buddy!

    And for what it's worth, early last winter I painted my wicker porch furniture a butter yellow, because everyone else had white or tan. I thought I had an original idea. Then Better Homes & Gardens had the new butter yellow painted wicker in one of their summer mags! Guess I shouldn't have posted those pictures of mine on my blog for the BH&G theives to steal?! LOL!