Thursday, November 3, 2011

What Will Win? Lazy or Convenience?

As usual, I have housework to do and I've been doing little things here and there. I also need to go to the grocery, but I don't feel like driving to the Mart. I'll have to check the bank account and see if we can afford to pick up a few things from the K-Rogers.

Their prices are so high, it's scary. Maybe they're just doing for the Halloween season? I don't know because I went a day or so ago to pick up the usual: milk, bread, vino, etc. I also wanted to see if there was any leftover candy from Halloween that was marked down.

Ya know what? There was not. They already had their CHRISTMAS candy out. What? No nasty candy corns for Thanksgiving? You are truly a gem, Kroger. Where did the boatload of Halloween candy go?

I have a feeling it's put back in the store room for the next Halloween.

Oh! And I was also at Rite Aid earlier in the week. They had a ton of candy marked 50% off, but it was priced at $14.99 a bag. Soooo, you're charging me the SAME price for the candy by marking it up and then adding a 50% off sign? Even my 5 year old could see through that ruse.

It was fricking $7.50 a bag BEFORE Halloween. I didn't just fall off the turnip truck yesterday....Sheesh.

Rite Aid, you may sell Hobo Priced Wine, but I will not buy your overpriced candy.

And, hooligans, have a wonderful Thursday. I'll check in tomorrow. I guess.



  1. At our local grocery where everything is expensive, they put these cards in front of stuff like 2 liter Pepsi that says "Great Bargain! Only $1.59!" But, if you look at the bottom of the card it says "you save: $0.00" Yeah, their "great bargain" is actually their regular price. They're trying to trick people!


  2. I love when they have a "sale" on items that aren't a sale. I can buy the regular cereal for 1.49 or the value pack that has twice as much for 3.39.... ummm... what?! LOL

  3. Well no one else will balance the budget if you don't and refuse to pay rip off prices.

    You wouldn't like to balance my books?