Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Opening Up A Can of Whoop Ass

A close friend of ours is an entrepreneur and always comes up with the best ideas. He's fearless - he just goes for it. He's also a pilot and is often flying here or there.

He had an idea about things that could be clipped onto the strings of hoodies - that both advertised a certain image and held the strings in place. (How many times have you had to retrieve a string from a hoodie or shorts that got sucked into the material? I know I've used safety pins many times to get those strings back out.)

So, he came up with the Whoop Ass Can Company.

He has worked with the Evil Twin on many projects, and he hired the Evil Twin again to design a logo and the little cans.


Now, the Evil Twin did not draw Chubbs (the bulldog, who is an actual dog owned by a friend of the owner of the company), but he did design the rest of the logo and as I said before, the cans. He also designed the packaging material that the cans will be placed in for retail sale.

Check out the page on Facebook and like it. I command you to do so! :-) Besides, isn't that doggy a cutie-pie? The Evil Twin actually got to meet Chubbs at a photo shoot and I am jealous! I want to scritch his fuzzy head. You can look at him and know he is a little love bug.

Hooligans, have a wonderful Wednesday! I have a million things planned for today and I hope to get to it all.



  1. Ha! I love it! What an ingenious idea. And W.W. Chubbs? Well, that's just an inspired stroke of marketing brilliance, right there. :-)

  2. What a fantastic idea, I will be liking it immediately! Also, LOVE bulldogs. My kids bull-dog passed away this summer, she was a sweetie and is sorely missed.