Monday, November 7, 2011

The Fortune Cat

As my 2 readers know, the Evil Twin goes to the local Chinese Buffet restaurant for lunch on Wednesdays with his co-workers.

There is a market near the buffet place that sells Asian foods, desserts and other knick-knacks. He and Sissy both dig the garlic peas, so he'll pop over there and buy some goodies.

He came home on Wednesday with treats for everyone. Well, not me, but that's okay. I enjoyed seeing the kids happy.

One thing he picked up for Sissy was a "Fortune Cat". It's sort of like a solar powered calculator in that if it is in light, the little left hand waves back and forth. Sooo cute.

Fortune Cat sits on the coffee table and waves at me all day. Fortune Cat don't give a shit, he just gets what he wants (and if I have a say in it, I hope it's money in our bank account - or under the mattress. I'm not picky.)

Bella, our real and not very fortune like cat, is intrigued by this new interloper. Not interested enough to jump up on the table and attack, but interested enough to stand on her hind legs and watch the new arrival to the house. She's kinda lazy.

Anyway, I spent half my day Friday trying to get this daggone video clip up on the old blog, but gave up after a while. Soo, here it is for your amusement today! Enjoy!

Mondays have to be good for something, right?



  1. LOL... careful. Bella might study the fortune cat and end up waving or pawing at you all day long.

  2. Maybe you are supposed to make a wish on it. If the money thing works, though, do let us know. I could use one of those!

    Cute Kitties.

  3. Is Bella still using the toilet?

    No treat for you? Maybe he believed he was a treat enough.