Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hangin' Around

Our main TV (in the den...which is the living or sitting room for those not Southern) and it's the BATV (big ass TV) which everyone enjoys watching has been acting up for a few days.

Alternately, the sound drops out and then a few seconds later the picture gets all scrambly - I'm told this is "tiling". We had a technician out on Monday evening and of course, like taking a car in for issues, the TV was not doing the freezing/tiling at the time.

As soon as he left though, it started back up again. We think it might be the DVR box itself because all the other TVs in the house work fine.

And, we have been known to burn through DVR boxes at an alarming rate. Not that they are over-worked, but for some unknown reason, our DVRs seem to shit the bed more often than the average DVR. Maybe they're possessed and hate us.

I just don't know. But, what I DO know is that with the very few - like less than 4 shows I do like to watch - I shouldn't have to watch them on the ancient 13 inch TV in our bedroom just to be able to hear them.

13 inches? Wasn't John Holmes' package bigger than that?? Sheesh, we need a new TV in that room.

Anypoodle, I called the cable company last night and they are sending out a technician today between 10 A and noon. Only, it's 11:54 and the only call I've had is from the office verifying the appointment.

We'll see. I just hope the issue is resolved today.

Happy Wednesday, hooligans! I have more jaw dropping stories coming up! ;-)



  1. You can always watch shows with the sound off and insert the narrative on your own. I find that sometimes is more interesting than the actual scripted TV shows.... strangely though all the show revolve around sex....

  2. Hmmm. It's funny I was just going to offer the same advice. In fact I often mute the television and after a couple of bottles of red all kinds of interesting accents come out. Usually gets very soap opera-y which is particularly fun with kids shows.