Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween + Chilly Nights Do Not Really Work For Me

In the nearly 6 years that Sissy has been on this planet, she has NOT enjoyed Halloween. Not one little bit.

Last year, we spent the evening with close friends. She went to...maybe 2 houses, got freaked out and spent the rest of the time on our friends' front porch.

But, this year, she seemed to really be getting into the whole "trick or treat" routine.

Unfortunately, it was drizzly and cold here. Buddy, at 13, feels it's beneath him to don a costume and go door to door. We did get Sissy a costume and she was able to wear it at her class Halloween party on Friday.

We might only have a handful of kids show up at our house, since we are kind of not very accessible. So, I told the kids if they stayed home and helped hand out candy, they could help themselves to the candy as well. Sissy wanted to wear her costume (no problem) and everyone had a good time AND stayed warm!

I even squirreled away a Reese's Cup for just myself - they were going fast! Buddy blamed the lack of Reese's on the cat, but since Bella doesn't have opposing thumbs, I doubt it was her. LOL.

This is the first year since I've lived in this state that Trick or Treat night actually happened on the 31st. Very unusual. Samhain (pronounced Sow-ain)must just be too skeery for the folks around here.

The worst thing that happened to us was that a squirrel(s) ate one eye and one toof off our jack-o-lantern.

I guess they wanted to make it creepier looking...since it was all smiley and sweet before.

Well, I hope my hooligans are not too candy-logged today and enjoy the Tuesday.



  1. my son prepps for halloween for months, then we go out for an hour or so and i get the invevitable, "I'm tired", and we go home.

  2. I warned ya bout them squirrels... poor jack-o-lantern didn't stand a chance against em....