Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm Baaaack

Sorry for the lack of postitudiness. The Evil Twin was off all week for the Thanksgiving holiday and I wanted to spend as much family time as we could and also just chillax. I didn't even have time to read many blogs or post comments.

We watched a few movies, had a few naps on the couches, ate too much on Thursday - and it was ALL good. We had company on Friday evening. The Evil Twin's sister and 3 of his other classmates came for a visit. It was fun.

The thing is, even though I'm 9 years younger than the Evil Twin and didn't even meet him until my early 20s, I've heard so many stories about all the antics of his high school years, I didn't feel left out at all and even chimed in with some things he had mentioned to me about the past.

Monday was "getting back into the groove" day and today, I'm waiting on the electrician. We're having one light and one ceiling fan replaced and 2 lights replaced with new ceiling fans as well.

This is our regular guy and he's only stopping by today to check things out and give us an estimate. I hope he can do the actual work by the end of the week. Buddy's ceiling fan bit the dust a while back. Just the light portion, not the fan portion, so he's had to rely on a lamp for light in his room. I know he can't wait to have a working overhead light again.

I hope all my hooligans are having a good Tuesday - it's been cruddy, rainy and overcast here for at least a week, but otherwise, things have been great. I'll wrap this up and see y'all again soon!! :-)



  1. Hope you electrical plans weren't to expensive, but when you need light what cha gonna do?

  2. Seems a lot's been breaking recently.