Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Typing While the Sun is Shining

In other words, we've had some spotty internet connection here. Last week, there was an outage one morning, but the rest of the incidence appear to be router related. The internet guy is coming out tomorrow to check on the situation.

So, I haven't been MIA on purpose. I probably will never get caught up on the blogs I've missed over the last few days...please forgive me for choosing a spot and just jumping back in there.

We did have a funny situation over the weekend. I woke up and can anyone guess what came next? That's right! I had to pee. I sashay into the bathroom, pull my pants down and start to squat. Now, I have to REALLY go - I keep a bottle of water on my nightstand and will wake up periodically for a drink, no wonder my bladder is screaming first thing in the AM. So there I was chomping at the bit to do my business and Bella jumped up - under my looming posterior - and proceeded to do her own business.

I couldn't believe it! We take turns around here, missy and there are 3 toilets, so you don't have to poach one that someone else is fixin' to use! Sheesh. She's lucky I didn't pee on her back!

She is so onto me. She waits until I'm around to see her pee, and she gets treats. Then 15 minutes later, she meows until I follow her to the bathroom to witness the nasty stink of poo. And she gets more treats. Very sneaky, that one.

I might have to start buying Diet Treats, cause she's getting some pudge around the middle. It kind of spreads out when she lays on her side. Completely obscene! LOL.

Alrighty, I'm going to send this out to the black hole of the interwebs before my signal goes down again.

Hope y'all who had a long weekend enjoyed the extra day off yesterday. Have a great Tuesday, hooligans!



  1. LOL... my pup does the same trick. She'll make me let her outside and run to the grass and squat, heck I don't think she even pees she just makes sure I see her in position. then she runs in and demands a Milkbone.

  2. i think its hilarious that the cat peeded at the same time as you... :-)

  3. Does she ever have you trained. Mighty dog likes to be watched when outside and will interupt mid-stream if I show indifference.
    However, my cats are quite obsessed to circle my legs and purr as I perform any toilet function. Just once, I would enjoy a quiet pee and no audience. Oh well.
    Perhaps peeing is the only time we and our pets are on the same level.

  4. I know how you feel about falling behind on blogging. I'm out of town each weekend and by Monday so many people have posted and I can't possibly read it all!