Friday, January 28, 2011

Awesome Turn of Events

For those of you who don't know: I was adopted. I was loved, supported and raised in the most wonderful family, ever. I was 2 months old when all the paperwork was in order and I went to live with my adoptive family. My mom and dad - both deceased now - were so amazing.

I had a happy childhood. I never really wondered too much about my bio mother, but did like to think I'd be interested to know what kind of person she is and also to thank her for her decision. I knew in my heart she had made the decision for my benefit and it turns out, I was right.

After my parents passed away, I found a box of paperwork about my adoption with an application to request my original birth certificate. I sent the application in and received everything in my (closed) file. Armed with tons of info, I started my search in earnest.

A few months later, I was contacted by someone who had seen my contact info on an adoption website. She believed we had the same mother and had actually been aware of my existence for many years. It was my SISTER! After I was adopted, my bio mom and bio dad got married several years later and had 2 children. My sister is 6 years younger than me.

As it turns out, she and my bio mom had been searching for me for years. Since that time (Summer 2007), I have met them both and we all talk quite frequently.

OK, so my sister has been with our mom (in a completely different state than either of them live in permanently - long story for another blog). Sissy Sr (that's to differentiate her from Sissy Jr.- our baby girl) needed a change of scenery and is NOW ON A PLANE headed to our airport. She is coming to stay with us!!!!

I'm so excited. The kids are excited. I need to get the guest room in order and get ready to pick her up at the airport later today. Can I say: "I'm so excited!" again? There, I just did.

Look out WV - Us girls are hell on wheels! Hee hee.

Be prepared for stories of unmentionable debauchery and all that good stuff. The way I see it (and it's not regret at all), we didn't grow up together, but the Universe is making sure we get to spend time living together for a while as adults. It warms my cold black heart like you would not believe.

Happy Friday, hooligans - I'm sure my Friday is more exciting than yours, but don't be jealous. K?



  1. How exciting! You all have fun and make sure you have some bail money squirreled away!

  2. Excited for you! It is awesome that you two have a relationship later in life!

  3. What awesome news! Have a wonderful visit!

  4. That's it... i'm coming to WV. I gotta see this in person!

  5. Congrats! This Joker gives the coveted two thumbs WAY up on this post!

  6. holy shit, that was an amazing story! im speechless!

    have a great time with your sis! :)


    You two have fun!

  8. I am always amazed at how similar our backgrounds are - but sad that I don't have a sibling - even though my birth parents got married when I was two. They could never have another kid, so they adopted two and neither one is worth a plug nickle.

  9. Very cool story! I can't wait to read more about your adventures.

    I didn't know you were adopted.

  10. Brilliant. So there is a bio fairy godmother.

    Look forward to tales of drunkenness and licentious living shortly.

  11. Take lots of pictures and stay out of jail!

  12. I enjoy debauchery. Cheers ETW!!