Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The topic this week at the Madhouse is "Shoes".

Before I got married (in 1993), I was all about my shoes. I didn't blink twice about spending my parents' money on $90 sandals.

After I got married, I discovered the joy of $7 sandals, although I will admit to spending $130 on a pair of Naot's. Then, another well over $100 on other Naots.

These are my faves:

Only I chose the brown ones. They are SO comfortable. I ordered the Evil Twin a pair of men's Naots and he says they feel like slippers, but look like dress shoes.

I couldn't help myself, so I ordered another pair of sandals.

So, there you have it. I'm a Naot addict. I am all about the comfort level, but still want to seem relatively stylish. I don't own - ok, well, I DO own tennis shoes, but only for my whitewater rafting trip. They'll never be worn again.

Here's my shameful secret: When we went to Disney World in May '09, my sandals were cutting into my little toe on the left. (Hey, no one ever said being stylish was easy or pleasant), so the Evil Twin bought me a pair of (actually) really cute Croc sandals with the Mickey Mouse logo on them and that's what I wore most of the week. I ended up with many random band-aids from the massive walking, but that would happen in any shoe. At least the crocs kept my feet dry and comfy.

I still keep shoes from the days I had an office job and I keep shoes for sentimental reasons. But, honestly, I rotate about 3 pair at any given time depending on the weather. I'm no Imelda Marcos these days. :-)

PS. Most of the time, I'm barefoot. I don't even wear shoes or socks or slippers around the house! ;-)

Happy Wednesday, hooligans!

Love ya!


  1. I have a shoe fetish, but in the summer I wear Old Navy flip flops and in the winter I wear Uggs. So I have a closet full of shoes I never wear. Lame, I know, but I like knowing they are there...

  2. I have three pairs of shoes. Cross trainers, casual and dress. I'm a simple man. LOL

  3. I probably own about 10 pairs of shoes, but I wear three... and really only one when it's really cold.

    And do you want to hear the really dark, dangerous part of this particular confession? You might want to take a stiff shot first, because I know you hold higher standards for yourself, fashion-wise, than I do - I still well-remember a vehement and convincing anti-sweats post that you wrote, and looking down at my own yoga (which, same damn thing) pants, AT WORK no less, and blushing a little - and this is a big step down even for me.

    Are you ready?

    ...the shoes I wear most often right now, whenever it's below freezing out, aren't actually, um, shoes. They're slippers.

    MEN's slippers. Purchased on a total whim while boots-shopping with Jacob back in October or so, and they look enough like my regular clogs under jeans that I thought, "Sure, why not? At least for going into the basement..." And they're so much warmer than my sneakers and clogs that they're now the go-to.

    I still insist you would never know by looking - they're certainly less clunky than Uggs - but still. *I* know, in my heart, that there's a little bit of slovenly down there...

    Anyway. Thanks for playing... even when I couldn't.

  4. Those sandals are lovely! I have been wanting a pair of Birkenstocks for about two years now ... I had to wait until my feet got back to normal after pregnancy first.

    I've never been really into shoes, myself, but I have a pair of black boots that I bought myself a year or two after I got married that are still my favorite item of footwear. I feel glamorous and sexy every time I wear them - and they are reasonably comfortable, too! Win-win.

  5. I have tons of shoes. But since I had some heel problems over the summer I tend to wear mostly sneakers or uggs. I haven't put on a pair of heals in months.

  6. I have one pair of shoes for any weather condition. I mean they just cover and protect your feet.

  7. I usually only wear one pair of shoes to work. Didn't think anyone noticed until the other day, when I wore a pair of boots, and a coworker said 'oh, you're wearing REAL shoes today'!


  8. When I started college, I had 27 pairs of shoes. I thought that was normal, but I soon found out it was considered excessive. LOL I love shoes, and until I tried on a pair of fake crocs, I said I'd never wear something so ugly. Now I have 4 pairs of them and love working in them (on concrete floors).I seldom wear tennis shoes (tho I have 4 pairs) and I rotate my 30 or so other pairs every day.

  9. I'm not a shoe person (I'm a purse person!) but if I had my choice I would be in flip flops everyday of the year. I own about 20 pairs to coordinate with what ever I'm wearing. I've gotten them at Dollar General to Huntington Surf Shop. Doesn't really matter as long as they are flip flops!

    If you find something that works, and they cost you $120 I figure it's $120 well spent! You will get your use out of them and your money's worth! I have never heard of that brand you mentioned...but I might have to look into them!

  10. I love shoe confessions!

    I'm not sure how many pairs of shoes I own because I refuse to count but I'm guessing 35+. I have 8 pairs of black boots alone (NO, that's not excessive!).

    What can I say, shoes make me happy.

  11. I hate wearing any type of footwear...especially socks. Cheers ETW!!