Monday, January 31, 2011

Might Not Be Around Much

Well, guys, my sister arrived on Friday as planned. It was great to see her get off the plane and just get to hug her again. There have been loads more hugs since then.

Unfortunately, we are both night owls, so staying up way past a normal bedtime has been our usual MO. Not a problem on a Friday or Saturday night, but this Monday morning has been rough! LOL.

I'm sure we'll reach a point where we feel "caught up enough" to target an appropriate bedtime. It's been a ton of fun, though. :-)

We've been amazed to find out how many little and big things we have in common. This is our 2nd time to meet. The first time was only a few hours and we do keep in touch on the phone and online, but that's not the same as sitting in the same room face to face.

I totally cried when she got through the airport gates. Hell, I almost ruined my eye make-up (but she's totally worth it!) We've had an awesome weekend so far! There WILL be pics, but we've been too busy gabbing to worry about that stuff.

Now, it's time for me to get my day started. The kids have a dentist appointment this afternoon, so I need to get going.

Have a happy Monday, hooligans!



  1. I'm glad to hear you had a great time with your Sis!

  2. Good for you chica! Have fun with Sis!

  3. I'm looking forward to the pics!!

  4. Have fun!! Can't wait for pictures.....

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  6. Looking forward to the pics of you guys and your ruined makeup.