Thursday, January 27, 2011

Indoor Plumbing: Blessing or Curse?

We've had a variety of plumbing problems since we bought this house 6 years ago, but that sort of thing comes with the territory when you own a home.

Last night, we started a load of dishes (as usual - we do about one load a day) and the Evil Twin noticed a leak downstairs - somewhat under the dishwasher, but in the utility room that is directly below that.

We're lucky to have a floor drain and drop ceilings, so every thing is accessible and relatively easy to clean up. We also have the Shop-Vac.

The Evil Twin was able to locate the source of the leak and put a make shift stop gap measure on it until we get a plumber out here. I called this morning and someone will be here mid-morning. Thank goodness!

It's always something, isn't it? I'm just glad there is no major damage and the situation is fixable - it's just a seal on a pipe that has worn out and can be replaced. And, since we live in an older home (built in 1956), we have to expect some plumbing and other issues from time to time. It's just part of the hassle of owning.

But, plumbing is more a plus than a minus, don't you think? I mean, we have toilets that flush, a dishwasher, showers, sinks, a clothes washer (and dryer, which only needs electricity), hoses in the yard for summer time - and my favorite: a side by side fridge with ice and water thru the door! That thing gets a work out every day!

For right now, we can't use the kitchen sink, the dishwasher or the half bathroom off the kitchen (they all run through the same connection). Unfortunately, that means "Bella's Toilet" can't be flushed until the pipe is fixed. Thankfully, she will pee in two of the toilets we have upstairs, but won't do #2 in all but the half bathroom (which can't be flushed right now...). I don't think she has dropped a deuce yet this morning - she is a total morning pooper - I don't smell anything. But, I hope Mr. Plumber gets here before she feels the need for her morning constitutional. Hee hee.

Plumber just called - he's on his way! Yay.

Have a better Thursday than I'm having, hooligans!



  1. With you it's plumbing. With me, it's cars. Althougth, I do have a water heater that is on it's way out. I hope it holds out until the end of winter...then we will probably replace it.

  2. I'm with Joker, for me it's the car always the darn car.

    I hope your plumbing issues are settled soon.

  3. I hope it is an easy and cheap fix, ETW. Our latest leaks cost over $200.

  4. You have a remarkable attitude.

    My house was plumbed in PB pipe, which turned into a major disaster and a class-action lawsuit for DuPont. Millions of homes with leaks and problems.

    Just had my entire house replumbed for 3 grand. It was a good deal at that price! Major headache.

  5. Oh my, had not thought of that glitch with a toilet trained cat.
    Hope you get fixed soon.

  6. As pipes have rotted in my house, I have replaced them PVC instead of metal because it won't rot. Allegedly. I hate plumbing problems more than anything. I feel your pain.

  7. I'm sure she would use the other bathroom for #2 if her magazines were moved over to the other one ;-)

  8. Our very similar plumbing problem occured yesterday. I brought my son to a friend's house to shower while hubby waited for/dealt with the plumber.

  9. Indeed, plumbing problems definitely come in every homeowner’s territory. But having a well working plumbing system can definitely make this more of a blessing than a curse. I cannot imagine a house without a tub, a sink or a toilet! I hope that your plumbing issues are already fixed and solved. Once everything is repaired and replaced, you can enjoy those “blessings.”

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  10. It is definitely hard to contemplate a house with no plumbing system. But if it consoles you, every house owner has their share of plumbing problems. Leaking faucets, bursting pipes, or a malfunctioning toilet are common scenarios to some. These problems arise anytime, but by doing some regular maintenance on your plumbing system, you are reducing the possibility of having a major plumbing dilemma. (Darryl Iorio)

  11. Darryl has a point! It’s important to inspect your plumbing system regularly to see if it’s still in good shape. Giving it the proper maintenance that it needs will lessen the chance of you having to encounter bigger problems in the future. If you manage to keep your system well, you wouldn’t have to face these troubles at all.

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