Monday, January 24, 2011

Things Are Good

Buddy had a nice birthday. It wasn't overkill, thank goodness. He had a friend spend the night on Friday and then we all went out for lunch on Saturday.

I had an interesting conversation with Sissy over the weekend.

I think you all know that our kitty, Bella, is trained to use the same toilet those of us on 2 feet use. We have no litter box, so I feel her paws are relatively cleaner than paws that have been kicking around in a shit box.

I'm always smelling her paws and I'll even kiss them. I told Sissy: "Her paws smell like Fritos!"

A few days later, Sissy informed me that, "Bella's paws smell like burritos (Fritos) and they taste like burritos (Fritos) too.

I had to let that statement sink in. Then, I asked, "Did you lick one?"

Sissy: "Yes!"

Gruesome, but not as bad as licking litter box paws, I suppose.

After all, Buddy tried to eat a ladybug when he was a baby. Those kids like to put all kinds of weird things either in their mouths or, in Sissy's case, poke her tongue out and sample the Frito like cat paw.

I just stand back and enjoy the funny. If it don't kill them, then so be it.

Eat a bug! Lick a paw! Just don't stick your finger in an electric outlet!

Ya gotta pick the battles.....

Happy Monday, hooligans!



  1. I think a little exposure to germs is a good thing. Licking pets is awesome. Happy Bday Buddy!

  2. I have often thought cat paws smell like Frito's. I'm happy to know I can finally admit it out loud. I will take Sissy's word for it that they taste like Frito's, litter free or not!

  3. Lady Bugs may be full of essential nutrients and stuff. Who knows?

  4. She's gonna live forever! I feel that some of the reasons our parents sometimes outlast us is because of all the bacteria and preservatives they put in their bodies as kids....

  5. my dog's paws smell like fritos. and his head smells like chicken soup.

    he looks like a hobo dog.

  6. What's a little lickin between friends??? ;-)

  7. Nooze used to lick the dog as she was being licked. It took everything in my brain not to freak out.

    I love Sissy. What a card!

  8. lol - my family always tells the story of when my now 50 year old aunt ate a slug! Some things never change....