Friday, January 21, 2011

A Special Day

It's January 21st. That means it's Buddy's birthday. I post about his early arrival every year, so I'll just add a link to last year, if you're interested in how it all went down - He was due on April 15. He came along January 21 at 2lbs, 5oz. A very scary time for all. Here's our story. Only, he's 13 today! I have a teen!

I knew he'd grow up and be fine, but I never thought about the teen years. Denial, I suppose. LOL.

Buddy got his birthday wish - a snow day. No school!

The Evil Twin salted the driveway earlier and was able to make it off our hill and on his way to work. That means it's just me and the young 'uns at home today.

I was at the Mart a few days ago and I think I lost my watch there. The Evil Twin bought the watch for our 8th anniversary (and we just passed #17) and I've worn it every day. But, the clasp was a little iffy. Maybe just getting worn out? I don't know, but typically I would feel it slipping and re-latch it. I went to the customer service area and gave them all my info in case some caring and honest person found it and turned it in.

But, we're talking about the Mart here. It wasn't an expensive watch, I loved it, though and it has sentimental value to me. Because my wrists are so small, I had several links taken out when I first got it, so not many adults could wear it. I also hoped that whoever might find it would hate the design and turn it in for that reason alone.

No such luck, apparently - unless no one has found it. I've looked in my van, but I'm sure I had it on when I entered the Mart. Then, in the check out line, I looked at my wrist and it wasn't there.

I don't like anything, so it will take many hours of searching to find a replacement. It took me 2 years to find a new couch and love seat once. It took me about 15 minutes to find the engagement ring I wanted. LOL. Let's just say the Evil Twin loves me a whole lot!

Happy snowy Friday, hooligans. Stay safe and warm. I love you guys!



  1. Happy Birthday Buddy!! Just thing, in a few years he will be driving!

  2. Happy B-day to your Buddy. life gets interesting.

  3. well that certainly sucks... the sentimental value of things can never be replaced..

  4. Sorry about your watch. Congrats on the teen!

  5. teen alert! Yah!!! Buddy and Thing 2 were born the same year, and would have been born only a month apart if B had come on his due date. Way to overachiever there, man.

    Hope you find that watch.

  6. YAY BUDDY! Happy birthday, little dude!