Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Angry Doesn't Begin to Cover It

Sissy goes to a public preschool about a half a mile from our house. Buddy attends the public middle school that is right next door. The difference is that the middle school is separated from the main (busy) road by a parking lot and those children are also pre-teens, so they have a bit more sense when it comes to traffic.

The school Sissy attends is practically ON the main (busy) road. Since she goes from 10:45 to 1:45 - kind of non standard school hours - and even though the school zone lights are flashing at that time, no one seems to give a whit. Except us moms who stand out there at every loving drop off and pick up and watch people FLY down that road.

The School Zone signs clearly state the speed limit is 15 mph in a school zone.

Day after day, since August, we have witnessed the most egregious speeding. Talking on their cell phones, music cranked up so loud all we hear is bass, etc. People clearly NOT PAYING ATTENTION.

Yesterday, I was already in a mood and was agitated thinking about other things. While waiting on Sissy to come out, I saw at least 5 cars go by doing at least 40 or more. So, I stood on the side of the road and waved my arms to get drivers' attention. Most didn't notice or care. One woman did slow down and tell me "The lights weren't flashing." BS. I SAW the light myself from that direction, that's the direction I approach the school. I do 15 or less and with my foot resting on the brake (not riding it, but prepared to come to a quick stop).

After the bus parked, people DID slow down, so I retreated back to the doors to await the release of my precious bundle of joy. I was approached by TWO (2) school officials who chastised me and told me that I was only making matters worse (HOW?). The speeders are going to speed MORE because I tried to draw attention that it was a school zone?

A police comes out once in a blue moon, but the precinct says they are too busy to station a cop there on a regular basis. Well, if ANY child (not just mine) is hit by a flying car, they better hope the police get to the scene before I do.

There are a few other issues I have. One is that Sissy's class is on their THIRD pre-school teacher since August. Can't these kids get any consistency? The whole ordeal just rubs my fur the wrong way.

I have seriously considered pulling her out for the rest of the year. Next year, she will attend Kindergarten at our district school (different from the current one - and it is one of the best public Elementary schools in town). But, I hate to take Sissy out and away from the little classmates she already knows and likes. Several current classmates will also attend the same school she will next year.

I'm finding that paying $3K a year for private school (where Buddy went to Elementary school) and paying my tax dollars really don't offer much difference.

I'm going to drop Sissy off today and see how it goes, but, really? Do you want to go head to head with me?

Just for the record, I am not the only parent who has tried to slow the speeders down. Yesterday, for example, one mom stood by my side and stuck up for me when I was being called on the carpet, like a child.

We were asked if our children were ever released outside of our custody (at the end of the school day) and the answer is no, but do we have to wait until a small child runs out unattended and gets run over to act? Is that kind of tragedy what it will take for action? Ugh!

I gotta go and release some of my frustration by profiling the Mart of Wal customers in my head!

Happy Tuesday, hooligans!



  1. Nothing ever happens in this country until there's a tragedy. Same thing happened here in Indy when a kid got run over by a bus in the school parking lot. Only THEN did they start putting up barriers and prohibiting buses from dropping kids off at any place other than right in front of the school.

    And yeah the reason you have such a high turn-over for preschool teachers is because they don't pay them shit. It's the same all over.

  2. A gentleman on my block tried to make a stink about speeders on our block a few summers ago. He'd yell and wave his hands at the side of the road. He was chastised by a police officer and told that taking matters into his own hands was not appropriate and not helping.

  3. No, I don't want to go head to head with you.JP is right. There has to be a tragedy before something happens.

    We had a situation here that was similar. I may blog about it, since it is too long for the comments.

  4. For the record, I'd have been standing right next to you doing the same thing (or possibly throwing golf balls at them, it's a fantasy of mine, to throw golf balls at the cars of a-hole drivers).

  5. I'm so not trying to make light of the situation because I would do the same thing..my kids safety is first and foremost! However, this reminds me of the MODERN FAMILY episode from last week where Claire tries everything in her power to stop the chick in Camero from speeding down her street...oh the visions I have in my head. :)

  6. Call the press. They will stakeout the road and put pressure on the School system. They are doing that in Atl a lot now.

    Call the Superintendent (who likely makes upwards of $200k annually) and ask them who would be ultimately responsible for a traffic accident involving a child.

    Then tell them about the incident and give the names of the people involved with your chastising.

    If we are to have a zero tolerance policy in schools against weapons, drugs and thoughts of malice; it is perfectly reasonable and expected to have a measure of confidence as you drop your children to the care of the school.

    Have confidence in yourself, you are in the right here.

  7. I'm with Stew. People in a Gov job will do nothing until there is a horrible accident or someone starts making a public stink about things.

  8. thats horrible, and its even worse that they chastised YOU for trying to do something about it.

    chalk that one up to lazy officials who just want a problem to go away and not deal with it.

  9. I say...send a nice letter to the Chief of Police describing the problem and very kindly letting him know that he will not get your vote next election so that he can continue sitting his fat ass down on that chair while he is eating his doughnuts!

    Hell, if he had a cop there writing tickets, not only would the problem be solved but the police force would make quota!

  10. Thanks, everyone! The Evil Twin graduated from high school with the Superintendent. I called him this morning and lodged my complaints. He said he would call the principal of the school and try to get to the heart of the matter. Yay! Until then, I hold my breath that something might change.

  11. Only one solution to the problem...


    My wife and I have been doing it for the last two years..

  12. I like the ideas that the others above posted. They're certainly nicer than mine.

    My first thought? Those Stop Sticks that the cops use. I'd really be tempted to throw them in the street when people were speeding past.

  13. Take your shirt off and stand by the road. Everyone will slow down to look. Cheers ETW!!

  14. OMG this would piss me off too! Do you recall last month when a high school student was hit by the teacher right in front of the damn school? I blogged about it:


    So this is a true concern. And frustrating!

    Now onto the teacher turnover. That is really common in a daycare/preschool setting. It's hard to keep people in a job that demands so much for such little pay. I would talk to the director head on and express my concerns because you are probably not the only one that feels that way. Maybe they can put more effort into keeping the teachers or maybe a lil complaining will get you a discount.

  15. There's a time and place for violating traffic statutes, but a school zone is never one of them!