Monday, October 12, 2009

Sissy's "New" Room

We're almost completely finished re-arranging Sissy's room. I'm very pleased with the way it has come together.

Buddy and I are feeling much better. The Evil Twin and Buddy are both off for the holiday and we have a friend of Buddy's over for the day. Right now, the boys are having some cereal.

Being the stubborn butthead that I am, I refuse to turn the heat on - even though it is freezing cold here. I've got the space heater cranked up for the den and that'll have to be good enough until it warms up in a bit! It's helpful to be both stubborn AND cheap!

And with that, I'm outta here. Have a rockin' Monday! :-)


  1. Not only are you stubborn and cheap, you're brave and tough too!

    I got up 10 minutes ago and CRANKED on the heat.

    Doh, winter is coming fast !

  2. I turned the heat on! The electric blanket is great at night, but when I have to get out of bed it's cold! haha

    Does her room stay that neat and clean? ;-)

  3. I turned my on reluctantly. Glad to hear everyone is feeling better. Would you please come organize my room???? I suck at it.

  4. The room looks awesome! It's amazing how much space you gain, you sure you don't want to come to KS and do my kids' rooms?

    I turned on the heat here last weekend. Can't remeber the last time I needed to turn my heat on in October (20 degrees below normal for this time of year)...

    Stay healthy!

  5. Glad you guys are feeling better and Sissy looks totally organized!

  6. Fantastic job. That is a really tiny room, but you organized it so well.

  7. you really did a great job....i love that for heat. I had to turn mine on. it has only gotten up to 36 the last few day and hovers around 15 at night. Just too cold to hold out anymore.

  8. We're running the heat already...and it kills me to do so! My wife is such a wimp!

    The room looks cool btw. The organizer is awesome!

  9. Powdergirl - After a while, the Evil Twin rethought his stance and we did kick the heat on for a bit.

    Jay - she is a one girl wrecking crew, but it's easy to clean (put toys away) because everything has its' place. :-)

    The Girl - Call EasyClosets. They can whip you up a design!

    Chandra - It seems to be colder than average everywhere. I'm hoping we'll see some more warm weather pop back before Nov.

    Ron - I hope you feel better soon!

    Karen - Thanks! I really wanted her to have a practical and pretty room.

    rosemary - If I encountered anything under 40 here, I'd have the heat on too.

    Warren - I may have to break down too. I do not tolerate cold well.

  10. Our thermostat is set on automatic, so that it heats when to needs to and cools when it doesn't.

  11. I turned our heat on for 30 minutes yesterday. I am the cold one in the family.

    I had turn the air conditioner back on so the rest of the family could breathe.


    I'll have to make do with the heated mattress cover for a while longer.

  12. Nice job!! very organized! Still got the A/C running here - I'm desperate for some coolness! :(

  13. The room came out great and you have it nicely organized. Easy for a small child to get to things. Not even cold enough for heat in Raleigh.

  14. It's a tough one turning on the furnace. We had our heat on once I think in the last couple of weeks. I do have an awesome space heater which I love though and run that during the day to keep my toes warm!

  15. Glad you are feeling better! I turned our heat on the other day for about 5 minutes and then decided I was being a wimp and turned it off and got a sweater. We've been a month with no air conditioning or heat and I'm looking forward to that electric and gas bill being much lower!

  16. Sissy's room looks super cute! I love getting projects done. And I totally turned the heat on Monday. I bet you turned it on today! It's not supposed to get above 55 over here.