Thursday, October 22, 2009

Closed Caption FAIL

The Evil Twin and I like to watch the show "Cash Cab" in the evenings. It's on around 6 pm and since that is about the loudest the house can be (both kids making lots of noise, the bird going off his nut), we'll turn on the Closed Caption feature, so we can at least read the information. Even if we can't HEAR it.

We were watching "Cash Cab" last night and this is what we see:

It's supposed to read "rum and coke", but yet, it's a bit off from the "coke" part. I made the Evil Twin rewind it so I could get a pic of this! We laughed SO hard!

Who knows what the people who rely on CC thought about that one! We could hear the discrepancy.

Also, one other little thing. When I was at my hair appointment on Tuesday, the barber who works in the same shop gave Sissy a tiny pumpkin. She loves it.

Last night, she asked Daddy to draw a happy face on it.

How cute is that?

I seriously pinch myself every day thinking how lucky I am to have the Evil Twin in my life. He is more than a partner - he is the whole package. I'm the biggest dork and he chose ME!

Sorry that is a bit gloaty, but if you knew how little I think of myself, it might make sense.


  1. You should send that pic in somewhere to make it world wide on the Internet...maybe send it into the FailBlog..that is a serious Fail.

    Yeah, I agree...that little pumpkin is cute.

  2. Ha! Now that's funny!

    And yes, the Evil Twin is a pretty good guy AND he draws a mean pumpkin face!

  3. I agree - post that screen shot to an on-line photo group or something.

    That pumpkin is cute too. The evil one has skilz!

  4. Oh gosh. Facebook that photo or let me know if I can if you don't want it attached to your name! That is aweseome.

    And I'm thinking that Evil Twin things you're the bees knees like most of us do and THAT's why he picked you. :)

  5. Glad you found the guy for you, but recognize that he got pretty damn lucky to find someone as good as you to be in his life too.

  6. Guuuurl, you know me. Every time I go to type the word "coke," I end up typing "cock!"

    You guys are both very lucky!

  7. What makes you think you're a dork? I sure don't see it.

    Love the pumpkin!!

  8. ETW, nope you are not a dork. Pumpkin is a dork, it's got no brains. Just a bunch of gooey glob of seeds.

  9. Whoops. You should submit it here.

    Will fit right in. LOL

  10. He is lucky to have you too! As you are certainly the shizz!

    That pumpkin is too cute! I bet Sissy does love it.

  11. Definitely send that pic to the fail blog. And maybe the guys at Warming Glow. They'll think it's funny I'm sure.

    Also? Cuba Libre! That's that answer, right? haha ;-)

  12. Hubby and I both LOVE that show too!!!!! Hilarious blooper.

    Cute pumpkin, too.

  13. Joker - I did submit it! ;-)

    Dana - He really is an amazing guy.

    Brian - He's a graphic designer, so it's what he does for a living. Cartoony type things are what he likes to render the best. :-)

    CuteElla - Thanks. I did post it to my profile, but you're welcome to post it to your page as well!

    NCP - Why not?? LOL.

    Ron - I think he feels the same way (I hope?) :-)

    Ginger - my big typos are "shit" for "shirt" and "sharted" for "started". I don't know why! LOL.

    Kenju - it's just good that we're both social misfits. :-)

    Shiny Rod - Poor Sissy thinks that pumpkin is going to get bigger. We had to explain once he was plucked, he will always be little.

    Christine - I DID! :

    Dish - You are too sweet! Love ya, girl!

    Jay - Done. And yes, you're right!

    Lady Bug - It's the funniest typo we've seen on CC so far!!

    Everyone - go to - use the link I referenced in my reply to Christine and vote on my FAIL! :-)

  14. Adorable pumpkin....and I'd bet the ET would say the same thing about you.

  15. Too funny. Have I ever mentioned that Ben Bailey lives on my block. LOL. If you ever get the chance to see his stand up it is really funny - and kind of dirty which is different than his Cash Cab persona.

  16. Oh wow. roflolol. SEE that's why I'm not a drinker... Rum and Coke is hard enough to swallow :)

    And YAY you for being such a good wife!

  17. I think I've had one of those drinks....a little salty, but goes down smooth.

  18. I feel the exact same way. But I think he's pretty lucky, too! ;)

  19. hilarious!! Cute pumpkin! btw..ET is a lucky guy too, ya know?! ;)

  20. lmao at Noceleryplease

    That is an awesome catch and you are probably the only person in the world that caught it! You gotta make yourself famous (more than you already are anyways)

    And lets be honest here - ETW is pretty lucky too. And a pretty damn good smiley face drawer!

  21. I love Cash Cab! That show kicks Jeopardy in the balls!

    You gotta wonder if the peeps getting paid to watch all that t.v. and punch in the CC words snicker to themselves or if they are brain fried.

  22. Lolz! I love that show too. You know, I suspect they do that on purpose sometimes. I've seen the word "jizz" on closed cap one too many times to feel otherwise!

  23. I can't believe nobody else wondered if the ET was going to paint up ETW's "pumpkins" from Wednesday's post. Now that would be some skillz!

  24. I've never had rum and cock but I think I will pass on that one. To each their own though...

  25. I don't think I want that drink.

  26. rosemary - sometimes! ;-)

    Karen - that is so wild! I would love to see his act.

    Heather - LOL!

    Tiff - Ewwww! :-)

    RLL - It's a great feeling, isn't it?

    TGG - I think he feels that way (I hope!).

    Vinomom - I can't believe I caught it. Usually I tend to skim the reading part.

    TSS - I've wondered that same thing before. I've seen some real doozies!

    Mary - You might be onto something there!

    Dave - He'd be the man for the job! LOL.

    Warren - Yes, to each their own. The rum might make the other part seem more appealing to SOME people, though.

    Scott - You should have heard us cracking up over here!

    Dave - Sounds unappealing, huh?

  27. Lol twitter drives me bonkers.

    That pumpkin is adorable, I'm happy you are happy with your evil twin:) I can't WAIT to have an evil twin, lol.

  28. Nice FAIL... very impressive catch!

    Congrats on the Evil Twin... I have those thoughts about my hubby!

  29. Hi ETW. Sorry if I seem to have neglected you of late, it was nothing you did, said or flashed, I can assure you. I'm so glad that ET has stepped in to fill the void ;)

    PS: I am crap at double meanings :-/

  30. Thank you so much for that comment! That just made my morning:) Good motherly advice as well:) I will listen to that!

  31. Well, Dork-Girl, he' just as lucky to have you as you are to have him, you guys are a real sweet match : )

    The pumpkin is adorable!

    And hey, the caption fail gives a nice new meaning to the swizzle stick, don't it now?

  32. I haven't read all of the comments, but I love "Cash Cab" and I don't even know why. I swear I think it's that I just find the driver/host to be so pleasantly likeable.

    PS: A reminder to tell TET that we ran into Herb and he has that tape of TET's from 1992. You were very right to tell him that you're sure TET wants it back.

    Hope you had a good time tonight. I tried to call a bunch (I even tried to call TET when I was bringing the car around just to let him know we were headed toward your place). So, that's why you've got a million missed calls from me on both the home phone and your cell phone. Didn't want you to think I ran into some huge emergency.


  33. It is always such a pleasure to read about someone who loves their spouse! And yes, that closed captioning is a riot!

  34. Aww, what a great guy you've got there!! He got lucky with you, too, my friend!

    As for the captioning, I've done it on the side for some extra cash, and when it comes to steno machines, all kinds of crazy things pop up when you're writing 250 words a minute.

    All it took for "Coke" to become "cock" was one finger not hitting the "E" key hard enough when they hit all the other keys, and voila, you get cock ;) It's a one-stroke outline, so that's what happens. You should see what comes out if you misstroke the word couldn't...