Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Did Someone Say Hump?

I am among the living today. It's odd how I can get the exact same amount of sleep every night, but then some mornings, I feel exhausted and lethargic and other mornings, I wake right up all bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Last night, my best friend Brian was in town - he's getting ready to move to Boston from Ohio, so I guess he popped by to spend some time with his parents. He ended up coming to our house and we drank a shit ton of wine. It was great. I love the way he dotes on me and will refill my glass for me. :-) A true gentlemen (sorry, gals, he plays for the other team!).

We love to laugh, but we also talked about some serious issues too. I was surprised to hear his take on some things. We also talked about our past and the present. We both agreed that the core people we were at 15 hasn't changed much - even though we are now 41. Sure, life responsibilities have changed, but what makes us who we are is still the same. And, I guess that's why we've loved each other for so many years. :-)

And since it's Hump Day, I thought I would leave you all with a special Wednesday treat.

It's not the best shot, but I was a little buzzed when I took it. Hey, it's something, alright?


  1. I do love surprise treats. I agree that my core is close to the same as when I was fifteen, but I let more of it show nowadays. Not as much as you are showing in your picture, but some :)

  2. No tricks in this treat. It's good you have that core. At 15, I was an awkward teenager trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. To much has changed in my core. I don't know if I will ever get it back.

  3. The major portion of who I am is exactly the same as I was at 15. My values are a little different. A lot less selfish now! ;)

    Nice shot!

  4. i guess its true.. people never really change.. characteristics positions and responsibilities add on to the them over time. but people pretty much remain the same.

    yea, but even then there are those rare exceptions where some people change soo darn much that you can't even recognise em no more. but thats soo rare.

    speaking of wines, i'll be going to this wine tasting thingie on the 24th... i would have a run on the same day.. hehe.. it will be one goofy thing.


  5. I'm about the same as I was at 15, just more confident!

  6. I'll comment on the serious stuff later, but damn, you have great tits.

  7. Whoo-Hooo .... There's the girls. So great you have a friend like that, so sucks he's on the other side :) Oh well....C'est La Vie...All the good ones are either taken or interested in the other side :)

  8. I'm pretty much the same person at 41 that I was at 15. I have the same immature sense of humor at least.

    If I ever organized a blog/twitter/facebook cleavage tournament you would definitely be a #! seed. LOL ;-)

  9. Well Happy Hump Day to you! Thanks for the gift today. I can understand why the Evil Twin smiles!

    I am a bit Jealous of Brian. I used to live in the Boston Area...loved it up there.

    Its good to have friendships like this. Sometimes, it is just a way to measure how far one has come in life.

  10. Ron - I think that's true for all of us, as we get older and more confident.

    Shiny Rod - The important thing is that you turned out great!

    Dish - Thanks...I'm less selfish these days myself.

    Nitin - have fun at your wine tasting event! :-)

    Kenju - I always knew you were a kid at heart! :-)

    Ron - Thanks!

    The Girl - I know! LOL.

    Jay - That's just it! I think he and I are just as immature, too. But with more responsibilities. We have to play "normal". LOL.

    Joker - He's excited to be going! And, yeah, we've been together a long time!

  11. Buzzed boobs are the best...say that five times really fast! So when does the hangover begin for you?

    Glad you had a good time. Catching up with old friends is the best!

  12. Glad you and your friend had fun drinking and laughing. ;)

  13. surprises are awesome! surprises involving boobies are even awesomer!


    dare i say it? ok: i now have a new desktop pic! YET AGAIN! hahahha

  15. Sounds like a good night with your friend. I love friends like that...true gifts!

  16. Hausfrau, this would make a marvelous screensaver. But then, maybe not, because I'd never get off the screen and work...

  17. Chandra - It didn't! I had a taco salad for breakfast. Mexican food *always* helps.

    Ginger - I don't get to see him often enough.

    Mrs M. - You're damn skippy! The Evil Twin is a fan of yours (as am I) as well. :-)

    fattie20xl - You are too much! Jack o Lanterns! Ha!

    Gigi - It really is a gift. He was my senior prom date. :-)

    MP - Thanks! I think you'd get tired of them eventually. LOL.


    That's funny! And that's some fine produce!

  19. Oh, now that's just not fair! My boobs are feeling so inferior right now!!!!

  20. Jack-o-lanterns...that is funny.

    I agree the core me is much the same as I was at 15, I matured and learned to take myself seriously. Confidence came with time. Nice that you can have a night with an old friend like that. I have a friend that I met when I was 12--deep down I think he is still my best friend too. Sometimes people just "get" you.

  21. I pretty much feel like a 15 year old too...though if I had see the girls when I was 15, I might need a few minutes to myself...


  22. A little goes a long way. I really have been neglecting WG these past few months.....