Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween!

What's that, you say?

In the county where we live, Trick or Treat is never, ever, ever on October 31. Most of the time, it's October 30th, but not if the 30th falls on a weekend night - which it is on a Friday this year.

So trick or treat is tomorrow night (29th) here. It can never fall on the actual holiday, because whoever makes these type of decisions think that having it on the actual day leads to mischief and mayhem. And the same holds true for weekends. I guess since the kids don't have school the next day, they could stay out later and get into more trouble, in theory.

And then, it can also never be on a Sunday, because, let's face it: that's the Lord's day and I can't even begin to tell you how many shades of wrong that might be.

We are in the Bible Belt here, ya know?

I put Sissy in a devil costume a couple of years ago. I bet we had so many prayers for our family's souls that evening.

Not only do they have rules and regulations regarding what evening the rugrats can trick or treat, there is a time frame too. From 6 pm to 8 pm. Make the kids hustle to get as much candy as they can, I guess....

The Evil Twin and I got married on October 30th. We never even thought about the weird trick or treat "laws" because we didn't have kids then and didn't have to think about it.

Most years, we're out schlepping the kids around on our anniversary. This year, we'll actually get to go to dinner because the trick or treat is the night before! Yay.

Sissy is going to be a cowgirl this year and Buddy dithered around about going or not going (he's 11) so long that at this point, he is just going to wear his costume from last year, which is some sort of grim reaper or something. Besides, all the costumes at the stores are already picked over.

We live on a dead end street, up a steep driveway - so we always go to our friends' house. Their son and Buddy are best friends and it works out well.

The moms sit out front, drinking and handing out candy while the dads follow the kids around (our 2 and their 2).

After the festivities, we'll have to gather around and sample the candy for "pins, razors or poison". You can never be too careful these days! ;-)


  1. I know I for one make sure I check out Every Single package of Peanut M & M's. You're SO right.. you can NEVER be too careful ;)

  2. 8:00 seems a little early to stop trick or treating...But it should absolutely stop by 9:00.

  3. My sister doesn't want her kids to have any candy this year - she's afraid it'll have flu on it.

    So I'm going to take them out collecting, then confiscate the candy "for their own good"

    I'm TOTALLY WILLING to get the flu from candy - you know - to protect the little ones!

  4. Yep, checking the candy is a must do for the security staff here at Arkham. Who knows who might smuggle in a nail file or a lock pick that I can use to get out.....

    Sometimes I wonder if they just aren't all paranoid....

  5. Here the kids are all psyched that Halloween falls on a weekend so they can play later. I never heard of your town's rules about weekends and the actual day.

    I check candy but honestly, I don't do the fine tooth comb thing. I pretty much trust my neighbors not to attempt to damage my kid just as they trust me.

  6. I'm from the bible belt too, funny, around my home town halloween is just considered fun, its only costuming anyway.
    Guess the town elders feel pretty confident in their hold over the flock LOL.
    My kids are over it by now, which is nice, I love costumes, maybe its my turn again!

  7. I hear all the Snicker bars are poisoned so please send them to me for proper disposal!! :-)

  8. HUH? They can change the day of a holiday? I mean isn't it on the calendar? Who decides these things? I am so confused?

  9. Admit live in Bazzaro land don't you..changing the actaul day of a holiday, say what? The one thing I am grateful for this year is that it IS on a weekend so I don't have to leave work early and rush to get home, get the kids fed and dressed and out the door.

    Totally agree about checking the candy, although GREAT, now I'm freaked out about the Swine Candy...uhg. A parents job is NEVER EVER done.

  10. Funny cuz I now know I've been reading you for over a year because I remember last year when you told me about Halloween in WV and how strange I thought it was. But I also think it's a fabulous idea! I would love it if Halloween were NOT on a Saturday this year (you already read about my issues)

  11. Up here, there's trick or treating on the actual holiday, but like your town, there are time restrictions. I think it has more to do with not having kids come to the door past a certain time looking for treats than anything else. I kind of like it, though, because once we've walked around for an hour and a half (or whatever), I'm tired and I wanna go home!

  12. It's so funny, we've been asking all our neighbors, "when is trick or treat?" They look at us like we are nuts and tell us..."Um, Saturday, on Halloween!" I thought EVERYONE changed the date of trick or treat.

    My neighbor told me last year she had 400 kids before she shut the door. I'm "askeerd." I sending my son around our block and told him to bring it back to me so I can dump it in the bowl, I don't think I have enough candy. Then he can go get his own. Got to be frugal, you know!

  13. Oh, and I'll totally sacrifice myself on the alter of the "swine candy" for the sake of my family.

  14. huh?
    you just CAN"T change the day/date of a traditional event willy nilly like that.
    in that case why not have it in May?
    what's next, christmas in July?

  15. I grew up in a whimsical place where Halloween was on the 31st and you hit the pavement at dark and didn't come home until the last porch light went off. We were safe! The only concern a parent would have is the one where we do something really stupid and get hurt from our own stupidity!

    Things being the way they are these days, I don't mind the restrictions on date and time. It is sad though to see what we have become!

  16. Although I consider us to be in the bible belt, like Ginger, they don't change the date but they do restrict the hours.

    Also, I will gladly volunteer to test all candy before given to a child. They might not get any, but...

  17. Ummm ... remember when trick-or-treating happened on Halloween and the only rules were you couldn't start before people ate dinner and if the porch light was off you didn't stop by?

    Seems like those are the only two rules that AREN'T followed these days!

  18. It is so funny...the bad kids won't be naughty on a school night...

    If they are the really bad kids, they probably don't go to school anyhow! And even's too stupid to even rant about.

    Have fun tonight! We'll be watching for pins and such too...hope I can still move in the morning after the sugar high!

  19. That is bizarre!! It never occurred to me that government would actually regulate trick or treat. Lived in Bay Area,California most of my life, then Fairbanks, Alaska, and now Seattle Washington and I have never heard of this in the slightest. Wow! What happened to letting people use their common sense. What happened to turning your porch light off if you didn't want late trick or treaters. Some of my best childhood memories were looking for those last lights on at almost 10 PM. Sigh! You'd think your county governments would have more pressing things to do. Come to the West coast my friend. We do it a mite different. (Oh I did live a few scant months in the bible belt for my and my husband Army training schools and shiver...a bit claustrophobic )


  20. That's just weird, man.

    But putting Sissy in a devil costume? Awesome.

  21. I would always rather have my husband take the kids trick or treating. I like handing out candy. And drinking. :)

  22. That's too wierd for me. When I moved to Boonsboro MD, they changed Halloween, so on the 31st I hopped in the car with the kiddies and drove 3 hours so they could trick or treat on the 31st ~ Have a happy halloween !!!

  23. LMAO @ GiGi...I'm with her!! ;) Happy Halloween!!

  24. Are you pulling my leg? Really they change the day...nutz!