Tuesday, October 20, 2009


My regular readers know that I rarely complain and I'm not really complaining today - let's just say that I think I overdid it yesterday.

Buddy had a massive nose bleed sometime during the night (Sunday), so I had to immediately get started on an emergency laundry job. Stain fighter, rinsing, then two loads of laundry - back to back - one load for the sheets and one load for the bedspread that stated it needed to be washed in a commercial front loader. Since all I have is the top loader home model of washing machine and didn't have time to drop it by the cleaners, I took my chances at home. It took forever to dry, but I got it done.

My time at the grocery took longer than expected and the store had about three registers open (well, a few more than that, but they were all backed up) and I realized as I got in the back of the shortest long line I could find that it was after 2 o'clock. Now, I have to be back in my own town by close to 3 pm to pick up Buddy from school.

It got to be 2:18 and the line hadn't moved a whit. There was an older lady behind me with only 2 things. 2 things she could have taken to an express register and checked out, but NOOOOO. She stood behind me and I acted like I didn't see her (mean, I know, but time was of the essence at this point). THEN, the lady IN FRONT of me motioned for the older lady to get in line in FRONT of her! I couldn't believe it!!!

What am I, chopped liver? To her credit, she did address me and ask if that was okay and I mumbled an acknowledgment, then whipped out my cell phone to call the Evil Twin. I figured he could take 20 minutes of his day, go to the school and drop Buddy off at home, let him in if I wasn't there, and I probably wouldn't be far behind.

Well, Miss "I let random people skip up in line" overheard my conversation, she offered to let me go ahead of her, but that wouldn't have helped me time wise anyway, so I just told her "thanks, but my husband is getting him."

Then, I just completely ignored her for the rest of the time.

As it turns out, I drove up the driveway only seconds before the Evil Twin pulled in behind me.

At least I got help bringing the groceries in. :-) The Evil Twin returned to work. That was about 3:15 - I had loads of things to attend to and by the time I did everything (check Buddy's folder, check on the dryer, sort through the mail, etc. etc.), I finally sat down at nearly 4 pm.

So, all this is to say I feel like a slug today. I have a hair appointment at 1, so it will be after 3 pm before I can get to all my blogs again today.

Maybe I'll catch a break tomorrow or Thursday? One can hope. :-)


  1. Arrrggg.... It makes me want to crawl inside my house and start locking doors and windows and huddle in the basement. Not that I do that, but the life of a hermit sounds pretty nice sometimes.

  2. No! No! No!

    THE RULE is that you can let someone in front of you if you are at the back of the line!

    You cannot just invite someone to skip someone else because YOU THINK it's OK. That's called CUTTING!

    And, a post-cut "oh, is this ok?" is not going to cover that offense, because nobody but a COMPLETE a$$ can reasonably, at that point, say... "No, it's not OK, get back behind me, Old Woman!"

    Humans!! Gah!

    This is why I self check. As a rule, I think self checkers want to be left alone - they are less "helpy" than someone who wants to interact with a cashier!

  3. hehe.. an evil twin is soo handy. lucky you. i hate when something happens like that in a queue.. moment like that i try to find means to cheat the system and get ahead. lie outright.. :D . i get nose bleeds sometime.. i rarely use clothes to do the dirty deed anymore. i just wash my nose with running water. thats it.. keep it under the tap for some time. wait to see wether its stopped then. and most of the time, it does.

  4. I hate the line cutters. Especially when you KNOW they are behind you thinking you should let them go ahead. Blah! That is why there are express lanes and self check.

  5. Gotta love life getting in the way of living it!

  6. I am not a nice line sitter...i do not let people go in front of me because i think they do that on purpose. I hate lines at the bank, doc's office...anywhere. Yikes about that laundry!!!

  7. ugh, annoying.

    lines suck.

    hair appointment? i'm jealous! i need one desperately, but can't decide to do with my tresses (they are uber long and i'm getting ready to chop and donate)!

  8. Isn't Buddy old enough to be getting himself home? And doing his own laundry? And cooking his own dinner?

    Kids today. So pampered and spoiled. LOL ;-)~

  9. Can't wait to see the new DO! I am getting mine chopped shortly too.

    You absolutely CANNOT let someone who is not directly behind you cut! That is ridiculous! I would have been soooo pissed off!

  10. I am off to the hairdresser tomorrow...hope you are happy with your result...my hair never looks the same way twice. I am so behind on so many things, I should not be at my computer!! :)

  11. Ron - I totally agree!

    NCP - You got it, sistah. I was steaming mad about the whole ordeal.

    Nitin - the nose bleed happened in the middle of the night and he was unaware of it 'til the morning.

    A. - Before the "incident", I was ready to turn around and clue her in to the express lanes, but didn't want to waste my breath.

    CuteElla - You got that right, chica!

    rosemary - And there were several express lanes (clearly stating under 20 items) open. I don't know why she didn't see that herself!

    Mrs. M - I pretty much go for a trim of the same style I've worn forever. I also got my eyebrows waxed! Woohoo!

    Jay - we're talking about the same kid who can't remember to bring home a school lunch menu! ;-)

    Vinomom - I think she could tell by my less than enthusiastic "It's fine" and eye rolling that I was pissed. LOL.

    Gigi - I've been going to the same lady for over 20 years. She just does exactly what I tell her to do so if I'm disappointed, I only have me to blame. But, I do love the new cut! :-)

  12. Did I mention your hair looks fabulous?? Well, in my imagination it does *wink*

  13. I would have been homicidal over the line hopping. But I have always known that you are a nicer person than I am! Hope life calms down a little for you!

  14. oooh! That woulda pissed me off to no end!!! Hopefully you'll have an easier day tomorrow!

  15. Don't worry about it. I had a similar day, and then my battery died and had to be replaced, while I had $125 worth of groceries in the back of the van.

    Now, Blogger won't let me upload photos - so I can't write a new post. BAH!

  16. You should look at online grocery ordering. A few stores in Raleigh have it and your groceries are bagged and ready for you. All you need to do is pay for them and pick them up. Some stores even bring them out to you and load them up. Not a bad idea for those of us who are on busy time schedules. I hate it when I go to the store, all the self service lines are full or closed and they only have a couple live bodies working. Being a total gentleman, I let women with small children and elderly go ahead of me. Karma won't let me be mean.

  17. Bah! It's so frustrating when you're in a rush and people act as if they have all the time in the world. Well, maybe THEY do...

    Hope your Tuesday was more relaxed.

  18. Since I am returning to work today, it will be about 6 or later before I can get to the blogs. I hate that part, but I have a few days of training.

  19. Somedays it seems like I am going nonstop like that all day.

    I've got to say, I rarely ever let a person with one thing go ahead of me. I'm usually in too much of a hurry because I do 85 things at once. :-)

  20. In a pinch, hydrogen peroxide will get blood out of damn near anything.
    Test your fabric in an inconspicuous place to make sure any dyes are colorfast. If the peroxide doesn't harm the dyes, soak a cotton ball in the stuff and dab the blood spots. You might have to get a little vigorous in the heavier areas, but it will get it out.
    I once de-blooded the entire left peg of a pair of pants after a little X-acto (razor) knife accident once. Only thing it left behind was the hole where the blade went!