Thursday, September 17, 2009


So, I went to Target yesterday. It was good - I found everything I needed and just browsed for a bit as well.

I ended up with a container of half & half, a frozen pizza and some corndogs. I was also getting pressed for time, so I decided to forgo the HD trip. I maybe should have gone there first. But, it was over 80 here and I didn't want my perishable items to be in a position to develop eColi or botulism or whatever.

I did drop the necklace off and pay the bill at the bank, so I did most of my list.

The craziest part of my day was checking out at Target.

The clerk was a nice young lady who greeted me pleasantly. Then, she said, "I just saw Rachel not too long ago. She got her hair cut."

I replied, "Really?" as I desperately read her nametag and looked at her face again. No recollection of this person whatsoever. But, I didn't say anything.

And, she went on, "Did you hear about the whole boat thing?"

Mustering up my best acting skillz, I said, "No, what boat thing?"

She continued with her story - she was half mumbling, so I could only catch bits and pieces of the story.

Something about the pastor made the right decision and there's another one coming up in October.

I smiled cheerfully and said, "That's just around the corner!"

And she nodded knowingly.

At no point during our conversation did she ever seem "unsure" about my identity.

Then she carded me for the really cute little "cube" of wine (Chardonnay) I purchased.... I thought, "The jig is up.", but she actually did not look at the front of the license, she just scanned the back (ours have some sort of weird bar code thingie) and handed it back to me.


I couldn't wait to get out of there! LOL.

And for those of you who happen to love my cleavage shots, here's one I took the other evening with my webcam. I had it as my Twitter avatar, but got one nasty comment (from a female, who I don't even really know), so I changed it back to my regular Twitter avatar.

Anyhoodle, I think this is one of the best shots I've gotten so far. Same ol' shit, different angle. Enjoy!

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Good choice!

    Speaking of cameras, I know you just bought one and probably did a lot of research. Can you tell me the make and model.

    Webcam? Is it on your web site?

    Long live HNT!

  2. I love getting carded. There is nothing better!

  3. Don't let the haters win

    Viva la cleavage

  4. I get that every know and then. Someone will start a conversation in the store like they know me. But of course, you already know my opinion on the HNT.

  5. I am one of those people who looks like other people. At least once a week someone will come up to me and say, "You look really familiar." I NEVER know them! One of these days I'm going to find out who the person is that looks like me and has TONS of friends!

    And the cleavage? Don't you know? Woman aren't supposed to be sexy. Those breasts should be used for feeding infants only ... and covered up when doing so ... *rolls eyes*

  6. Don't let some nasty comment bother you! Work that cleavage :)

    So funny about the conversation with the Teller. I wonder who she thought you were....

  7. I love Target; they get waaay too much of my $$$!!!

  8. I don't understand why people got to be hating on cleavage??? It's one of the good things in life. You should have started some rumor about the pastor once you had enough intel on the group :-)

  9. Oh my, NICE...shot! You are the queen of cleavage hands down!

    So funny that the Target girl carried on a full conversation with you...that happens to me all the time. Apparently I'm a chameleon in disguuise...I just sorta blend in...

    So the real question is did you find your wine glasses?

  10. Al - I have two cameras I use. One is a point & shoot, a Canon A590 and I love it. My other one is also a Canon, but a DSLR - the Rebel XT. The webcam is part of my laptop, it's built into the top of the computer.

    Karen - I think it's something they *have* to do, not necessarily because I looked too young. LOL.

    Razorbeck - I figured I'd save it for you guys anyway...people who appreciate it! :-)

    Shiny Rod - That was a first for me. I was so uncomfortable! LOL.

    Dana - If someone does say they think they know me, we can usually figure out where from - work, school, etc. This was a first.

    Vinomom - I wonder, too!

    Gigi - I know! I spent more than I should have!

    Ron - My little pea brain was doing well to just try to follow her mumbling...LOL.

    Chandra - Yes! The exact same ones, so now I have 5. :-)

  11. I'm with should go back there and find the cashier and do a little, "Do you know what I heard...OMG, you'll never believe it..." etc. I bet it would be worth the trip. I think our Target has some characters lately too...scary stuff.

    Anyhow, I don't get the avatar hate either. It's not like you're showing the front end of those things. Anyhow, as always, thanks for your work on HNT

  12. I would have said to the clerk in Target..."Obviously you think you know me, but I don't know you."

  13. You should have told the clerk that the pastor really likes your cleavage.

  14. Three things:
    People are so strange!
    I love the Target Cubed Wine.
    You have a lovely rack. :)

  15. you actually know a Rachel and she actually knew you or did you have no idea what the heck she was talking about the entire time? I think I am as confused and she made you.LOL

    I am with Gigi on Target. Triple love that store. Walmart and Target are like night and day. Not only do they treat their customers and employees better, their merchandise is reasonable and doesn't fall apart two days after you bring it home.

  16. It would have been funny if you had said "Who the hell are you?" in the middle of all that. She probably would have been shocked!

    And, you should have left the avatar. Jut to piss off the hag who made the nasty comment. ;-)

  17. You have validated my refusal to Tweet. I spend enough time on the computer as it is. Tweeting and Facebook just seem to invite nimnods who feel they should have some say in how you conduct your life more than blogs do. I do have a MySpace, but I barely go there.

    Sorry someone was a dipshit.

    On Target, I would have had to have said, "I'm terrible with names. What is your name again?" That way at least you'd have some idea if you knew her. I've even moved on to the "and where do I know you from" if I don't recognize the name. But, curiosity kills both me and the cat.

  18. Those are some beautiful breatuses, ma'am. I approve of their usage. And tell the haters to 'f' off!

    I love, love, love Target! I could go there everyday. I have on a new target shirt as I type! I was just there on Monday!

  19. As long as we are disclosing not remembering people we are talking to..... I am some body who is easily remembered and unlikely to be mistaken for somebody else. I have conversations all the time with people who use my given name and appear to know who I am with out me having even a tiny niggle in the back of my brain who they might be. My secret don't try and use a name, I just use generalities like you and them lol.

    I couldn't even count the number of conversations I have had with people I don't know

  20. You know there's probably somebody around there who looks exactly like you and she's confusing the two of you. I have stuff like that happen once in a while, but that's because I make the mistake of talking to people and then I never remember who they are later. "Oh your dog was cured of the mange? Why you're welcome for the tip, whoeverthehellyouare!"

  21. You said 'anyhoodle' again. Thats my favorite.

    I think you should keep the cleavage avatar, f**k em' if they can't handle the rack. If that was my rack I'd walk around nekkid all day : )

  22. Yep - you should have gone to HD first. :)

  23. don't heed the haters! keep that as your twitter avatar.


  24. Warren - I could never do that. I wonder if she ever figured out she didn't know me? And, I agree with you...I'm not topless or even just wearing a bra. I'm dressed!

    Kenju - I was too mortified. I thought what if I say something and she's someone I just don't remember?

    JBlank - LOL!!

    CuteElla - Thanks, sweetie!

    Christine - I do know a Rachel, but I don't think it's the same one she was referring to. I was completely lost...

    Jay - I was too befuddled to say much! LOL.

    BB - she had a nametag on, but neither her name or her face seemed familiar to me.

    The Dish - Now that our Target has started selling wine, I think I'll be there more often! :-)

    3C - I do know A Rachel, but not the one she was talking about.

    Razorbeck - This was a first for me.

    honeywine - I'm thinking she might have me mistaken for someone who goes to her church, but I'm Catholic and we never use the term "pastor".

    Powdergirl - It's all in the lighting and angle. :-)

    Tiff - Well, I'll just have to make the Evil Twin take me this weekend.

    TEL - Thanks! Who knows when it might pop back up there again? ;-)

  25. Tell Rachel I said, "HI!"

    And October really IS right around the corner! ;)

    P.S. Love the boobs! But you already knew that, didn't you?

  26. Shit, what was I going to write? I got sidetracked by your post saying you're Catholic and how we don't use the word pastor...I'm sure it was brilliant.

    Oh yeah, I used to be great at remembering people and names, but as I've gotten older the ability has left me...or I've gotten lazy and I figure if I'm never going to see this person again I don't have to remember them.

    Just the other day at work, somebody said, Hi Kathleen to me and I didn't have a freaking clue. He looked familiar, but that was the extent of it. It bugs me, too, because I hate appearing as if I don't care.

  27. HA! I had a guy at opening day for Little League babbling on to me for 20 minutes like he knew me. I finally asked him "Do I know you from somewhere?"

    He proceeded to give me hint after hint, name my family members and friends from childhood, and he finally said, "Don't you remember making out behind that backstop over there?"

    Yeah, I had no idea who this nut was until I asked my brother about him, and he apparently was some kid that used to hang around at the local beach. He seems to think I was his girlfriend and that we made out. Never happened. Freaky freak!!!

    Oh, and put the boobs back up. Who cares what one jealous chick says.

  28. love love target! my bank account - doesn't love target so much! lol! LMAO at the cashier story!! ;)

  29. WAIT WAIT WAIT!! DOn't let some flat chested jealous loser make you change your avatar! You've got it going on - show it and enjoy showing it!

    So weird on the Target chick. Wonder if she ever realized she doesn't know you....

  30. Your cleavage shots are INSPIRATIONAL. How? Well, let's see...

    My co-worker recently told me that her husband [a shy guy] was talking about the women in our office and how we dress.

    When he got to me, his only comment was a [sad] "Rennie never has her boobs out."

    I agreed to wear a v-neck shirt [spandex blend!] to the next function. And, since my co-worker is Pure Evil (in the best way), I sashayed up to her husband and whispered, "I did this just for YOU!"

    I thought he'd pass out.

    It was AWESOME.

  31. RLL - I'll be sure to give Rachel your message! ;-)

    Kathleen - That was it for me, I didn't want to appear to be one of those people who never remember others....

    Lola - That is hilarious!!! I bet he felt like a tool!

    TGG - It was definitely a really odd encounter!

    Renn - I'm glad I could inspire you to set your girls "free". I know they are glorious!

  32. That is strange.

    And ignore all the jealous Twitterers. They are just jealous!

  33. The ghost whisperer chick has got nothin' on you sista.

    Maybe that checker was a little crazy? Maybe she screws with people that way all day for kicks, sounds like fun to me.

  34. That is too funny about the check out girl, and the girls look great!

  35. Methinks your Target cashier was talking to someone else on a bluetooth. :-D

  36. I would have played that for all it's worth! You could have gotten a lot of great gossip to use with, well, no one. I have fun when people think they know me or even better, wrong numbers.
    As for your cleavage picture/avatar, I think you sort of answered your question in your 9/22 post. The squeaky wheel always gets the grease. If you're pleased with it, go for it. We are!