Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Frog Blog

A friend and co-worker of the Evil Twin went to the beach over the summer with her extended family. She and her mom ended up getting dwarf frogs and their little environments (a little box, some gravel, a snail and a piece of bamboo or something).

The Evil Twin's co-worker (and friend) ended up bringing hers to work and the Evil Twin told us all how adorable they were.

Unfortunately, about a month or so after their return from vacation, our friend's father passed away. Her mom didn't think she had the energy to keep up with her frogs. I mean, I understand - you lose your spouse and nothing else seems quite that important anymore.

So, the frogs came to live at our house.

This is Hopper. Or, maybe it's Bopper - we can't really tell them apart. But, that little round black thing is the snail, Gary. He helps to keep the tank clean.

What's funny is that I'll walk by and see one or the other standing like this often. They just hang out like that. It's hilarious.

Here's the other little frog:

As you can tell, they like just standing around a lot.

Here's another shot:

They really entertain us. And, as I said before, they are the new centerpiece of our dining room table, so while we eat dinner (yes, I'm the wife who has dinner on the table when my hard working husband comes in and then we're the family who eats together), we watch them do their thing.

They came with little pellets that are their food. They need to be fed two pellets per frog, twice a week.

They also will periodically jump to the top of the water and take a breath of air at the top of the tank, but mostly, they spend all their time in the water.

Sometimes, we all gather around the table even when it isn't dinnertime to watch them. They're just SO cute!

So, there are the frogs - and they're not even half naked - they are all the way naked and I think the guy in the first picture is giving you the full monty!

What in the world is this blog coming to? ;-)


  1. Ooooh they are terribly cute!

    Thanks for Frog Porn first thing in the day... :)

  2. My six year old nephew wants one of those frog boxes sooooooo badly. He's seriously saving up $25 to try and get one... is about halfway there and has not yet blown the wad on Legos or anything - that's how serious he is!

    Are they hard to take care of? I just don't know if he's old enough.

  3. They are so cute! I about got one while at MB week before last. Every Wings, Eagles, or souvenier shop was selling the little fellows and their kits. I bet they are entertaining.

  4. Hopper: "Hey Bopper! The Giants are back. Come check them out. Just staring at us. Man, I can't figure these creatures out, but they sure are fun to watch."

    Bopper: "Yeah, and check out the awesome rack on that one!"

    hehehe ;-)

  5. What Jay said...! I was trying to imagine a conversation from the view of the frogs. Too funny!

  6. Do you remember the frog story at my old page? Well, my sister still has them. One of them is huge, their cage still reeks, and the boys still love them!

    Those dwarf frogs are adorable!

  7. You feed them 2 pellets twice a week. Ummm... how do you know they actually get the pellets? Do you do it manually? I mean how do you know that Hopper doesn't get 3 pellets and Bobber is starving on 1 pellet?

  8. Pleased to meet you, Hopper and Bopper.

    Damn! They are adorable!

    If we're all home at the same time, I like us to eat at the dinner table as well. Its nice : )

  9. They are pretty darn cute! I wonder if Lady H would like one? She picked out a frog for my parents fish tank when she was visiting them. Currently she has a beta fish.

  10. They are cute in a froggy sort of way.....we have tons of them when the weather is warm and the cats bring in one every so often from their playpen when the frogs get lost. They are quickly relocated.

  11. CuteElla - Yeah, I thought about the "frog porn" angle. :-)

    NCP - They are VERY easy to take care of. They come with instructions and everything.

    SALeAnn - I believe these came from MB. :-)

    Jay - you are hilarious!

    themom - I wonder what they're thinking, too!

    The Dish - I do remember that story! I don't think these little guys get any bigger....

    Ron - We don't know.Sometimes we'll see one of them eat a pellet. The booklet says if you notice one hogging all the pellets, you can put that one in another water filled container for feeding time.

    Powdergirl - They are adorable! I just love them.

    Vinomom - both of my kids really dig them. I bet she would like them.

    rosemary - I had never seen any this tiny before.

  12. Oh, they are too cute! I may think of getting some...maybe i can get an enclosure with a LOCK....otherwise, my kids will emancipate them at some point, I am certain.

  13. Full-monty indeed! I see his junk...or maybe it's a poop. Anyhow, a bold statement either way!

  14. Ok, I was sitting here thinking, "Wow, this sounds awfully familiar. I know a similar story involving some frogs, where they came from, the people who owned them, and the things they went through. What an odd coincidence."

    Then I realized, "Oh, it's no coincidence, it's the same people."


  15. One of my grandkids had frogs like that a few years ago, but they didn't have a snail to keep the tank clean. It got pretty dirty in there before someone finally cleaned it out. EW!

  16. Gigi - Maybe you could just tape the lid down? :-)

    Shiny Rod - :-D

    Warren - I think that's just his butt. I'm not sure. They're so small, it's hard to tell.... LOL.

    BB - That's what I think every time I see them!

    Brad - Too funny! Yep, you know the whole story. :-)

    Ginger - I know! I'd love to hold one, but I don't know if I should.

    Kenju - That snail is a really good idea! And, he's neat to watch too. I never SEE him move, but he's always in a different location when I look in on them. He gets around!

  17. Friends of ours have 2 of the same frogs from the beach. We "babysat" them for a week this summer and my kids got the biggest kick out of them! They are SO easy...almost easier than fish! And cuter!! enjoy!! They are adorable!!

  18. I love frogs!! Too cute. Oh, and I'm a get the dinner on the table eventually type, but we all sit down and eat together. I think it's very important ;)

  19. Those frogs are too cute! I think they'd promptly become cat food around here, though.

  20. OMG How cute ! I love them. And who would have thought to put them on the table, probably makes for some good conversation at dinner with the kids and lots of giggles :) Have a great weekend.

  21. Frogs are the good guys. Just don't take in any wayward geckos!