Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blogged Down By Life

It seems like I'm busy doing everything and nothing at the same time. Still working on getting used to the "new" routine and then throw in a holiday weekend... well, I may never be in sync until the end of September.

But, I did enjoy the long weekend. I spent plenty of time on my wallpaper project, which I will do an update on for a different day.

I have to pace myself, ya know?

Anyhoodle, my friend Inanna came by on Sunday evening with her son, who is a good friend of Buddy's. So, that was fun.

We just hung out and talked. I had wine. She drank a couple of the Yeunglings that the Evil Twin bought for his birthday (in July - and yes, there are still several in the fridge!).

We went out on the back patio a couple of times, so she could smoke and right outside our screen door, there was a orb weaver spider in his/her HUGE web.

Of course, I had to grab my camera.

While snapping away, I noticed a wasp on the porch light. And, I just can't have that, so I grabbed the fly swatter and swatted at it. I totally missed and figured I had just pissed it off enough to sting me or Inanna. But, instead, it somehow became ensnared in the spider's web.

That spider quickly got to work with it's new victim. It was fascinating.

I continued to snap pics:

The next morning, the web was partially dismantled and the spider was back in his/her hidey hole (under the patio awning).

We've seen three other spiders just like this at various locations around the house, but none as large as this dude.

At our old house, we had a couple of toads - a big one and a smaller one - that sat on our front steps most summer evenings. We always keep a patio light on, and we all know how that draws moths and other flying snacks. I would go out at dark and catch moths by their wings, then feed them to the toads.

I'm sure they loved me because they were out there ALL the time. And, I'd be their waitress for the evening!

Also, if you'd like a closer view of the action, you can click on the photos for their true size. That is, if you're not scared of a hairy, gnarly spider!!! :-)


  1. I take it that means you like National Geographic channel and the like?

  2. Nice..we had a bee caught in a web this past weekend and watched as the spider came down for it...the bee managed to get free though.

  3. I HATE spiders, but those are awesome pictures. What kind of camera do you have?

  4. I have tons of spiders around my house. As long as they stay outside, they can have their way. I have zero bug indoors policy.

  5. Very cool. I hate spiders. A LOT! But, those are some cool pics.

  6. Did you name her Charlotte? Now it would be REALLY amazing if that darn thing actaully spelled out the word STUPENDOUS...or somthing like that.

    If it were on my porch, I would have named it Dead Spider and rightly so...I have the heebejeebees after seeing those pics!

  7. Great close-ups of the spider!!! Remind me never to go out your porch door in the Fall.
    ~OM girl

  8. We have three of these spiders on our porch, each has its own corner. We call them The Sisters. Cool pictures.

  9. Voyeur36 - Actually, I don't watch much TV, but I do like creepy crawlies! :-)

    Clippy Mat - Yep, I figured I'd gross some people out today.

    Bones - That's too bad. One less bee is a good thing! LOL.

    Lauren - I use a Canon Rebel XT with a 55-250mm IS lense (my favorite one of the 3 I have).

    Shiny Rod - I don't care for them inside either, but I will catch them and put them back outside!

    Jay - The Evil Twin hates spiders too and is lobbying to "get rid" of my little friends.

    Chandra - You and your murderous ways! ;-)

    Becky - he doesn't usually come out until the evening.

    Mary - Thanks. I haven't named mine yet, but I'm getting attached to him, so I might have to come up with something.

  10. I had to kill several spiders for Nat-Nat last night. She is terrified of them. I let them live at my house, though. Those are some amazing pictures.

  11. That made me kinda hungry. I think it's time to go home and have some dinner---but not bugs.

  12. Cool pics, but I don't want nightmares about hairy spiders devouring me alive, so I will not click through! :)

  13. What excellent pictures!

    You would have loved my stag beetle battle I found going on in a bunch of creeping charlie (an invasive bastard that takes over faster than anything).

    I'm completely jealous of hand-feeding toads. Completely. Our whole extended family loves frogs.

  14. The Dish - They are such helpful bugs, I don't know why anyone freaks out on them.

    CuteElla - It was even cooler in person!

    Dave - Bugs: good protein, but I can think of better meals!

    Gigi - LOL!

    BB - I would take the moths and just lightly brush them across the toad's mouths. SNAP! No more dusty moth! :-)

  15. Very friggin' cool.

    I definitely remember one of the times I fed a potato bug to a spider web in my yard. It was one of the most interesting things I ever observed! And that is one huge spider!

  16. I have one of those same spiders who built her web between the deck and the stair railing about a month ago. She is at least 2" long. The last time Biff and Tiff were here, they noticed her. I've never thought to feed her, but I might now.

  17. We love spiders. Spiders are our friends. Ain't that right, Charlotte? And that spider is a she. She spiders spin webs. He spiders don't do a whole lot. Drink beer, lay around the house in front of the TV all day...

  18. You ever watch TrueBlood? Your mention of hidey hole makes me think of the books and the show...I think you'd like both if you've never read/seen them

  19. UGH - he's creepy - but I'm glad he ate the wasp