Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Getting Into the Swing of Things

Well, here we are - it's Buddy's first full week of school and things seem to be going quite well (knock on wood).

We also get a long weekend, since Labor Day is on Monday. Buddy won't have school, the Evil Twin doesn't have to work, so that should be nice.

In addition to my wallpaper project, I need to have my car inspected. My sticker ran out at the end of August. Ooops.

See, this inspection business is tricky. We used to always take our vehicles to a guy who had always worked on my family's cars (mom, dad, etc.). But, for some reason, he no longer does inspections. Since he worked on the cars, he didn't have to do much to give us a sticker.

If you take it to an unknown mechanic, they could make up a laundry list of why they can't pass it until you are out several hundred dollars on "repairs" to get that fricken $15 sticker! Grrrrr. So, obviously, this is something I dread.

I have been trying to get a decent picture of our dwarf frogs, because they are so stinkin' cute, but they are tiny and hard to photograph in their little habitat/tank. We've had them on the dining room table, sort of the "centerpiece" for now. We sit down at dinner and watch them do silly things.

Maybe I can post a "Half Blurry Thursday" for ya'll tomorrow. LOL!

I'm off to fix a quick lunch, fill in my write on/wipe off calendar for September and then take my van down the road for the inspection after 1 ish. Wish me luck that all I have to pay for is the sticker!

WV - robbing you blind one tax at a time! :-)


  1. Good luck! I almost always "gain" a month by letting the sticker least next year you won't need it until October.

  2. Good luck with the sticker. Maybe if you loosen up a button or two they will cut you some slack ;-P

  3. Good luck with the inspection and sticker. I find places like Jiffy Lube (not sure if you have them) often just pass it unless there are blatent problems because they make no money off repairs.

    Would love to see the froggies!

  4. When I moved to WV and heard about that stupid sticker I was like, WTF? Stupid I agree.

  5. What do you mean by sticker? As in tagging it? Why do you have to get it inspected?

    Well, hope all goes well. I'm sure they will rob you blind...dang mechanics!

  6. Isn't there a state agency that does inspections for free???

  7. Bones - True. I did mean to do it earlier, but the end of the month caught me by surprise!

    Ron - that's what I'm hoping!

    CuteElla - We do have Jiffy Lubes, but I'm going to swing by a place where we've had good transactions in the past...

    JFab- Just another way to make some money - for the STATE! Ugh.

    Chandra - In order to have a "legal" vehicle here, we have to have them inspected once a year and they put a little sticker in your window, indicating that it is in good condition....I don't know why, but it's a law.

    Karen - Well, that would be the state losing out on the money. It's such a racket!

  8. Heck, just think of it as your contribution to the local economy...well, the state's economy anyhow...we thank you for doing your part!

  9. In New Orleans, all they do is basically walk around your car once - maybe looking at it - then they give your your new 'tag'....not so in TX. They are very particular here... :) Hoping to see some froggy pics soon!!

  10. Now that reminds me what I fogot to do, get my Jeep inpspected, Thanks dear now that will cost me $30 out of my scotch budget.

  11. I've always taken my car to an individuals station down across from the BP Station below you. He's the best, reasonable and our family has given him business for 30+ years....

  12. The corrupt state of IL does not require inspections. But I am sure that they will soon. Just 1 more way to make money to spend on Chicago while the roads downstate continue to disintegrate... No, I am not bitter about it. ;)

  13. Do you have to do an inspection every year? We have to get an emissions inspection but we never have to get the state inspection done again. Is it because you let it expire? I do have to pay my registration which is due this month though! They always find some way to get ya.

  14. If its the same thing I'm thinking about, in the UK its called an MOT. You cannot get your car taxed/tagged without it. Just something to say your car is roadworthy. And you dont have to display it. Its like a certificate. Every car over 3 years old must have one done every year.

  15. Inspections are such a scam. They seem to serve more of a purpose here in NC than they did in GA so that's a little consolation. But not much!

  16. I just picked up the Buzzardmobilly from the dealership (Royal near Patrick Street) because my sticker died at the end of August too. We always wait until the first of the next month (like Bones) so we sort of get a month free. It was $12.99. I felt like I'd wasted a check by writing one for such a small amount.

  17. PS: You must check your e-mail. This is not a test. An actual e-mail was sent. You and TET will laugh. The children will not. Hopefully their precious eyes will never be scarred by it.

  18. Sheesh...after reading your 'title', I had soooo much hope..but, oh well ;)

    We have that inspection (mechanical and emissions) crap w/ the stickers too....another government folly into the world of Organized Crime.

  19. We don't have to do inspections in Indiana, but our yearly registration is flippin' expensive as hell. Good luck!

  20. Warren - and it was only $12.60!

    Gigi - It depends here. Sometimes you get a picky place, sometimes you get an easy place.

    Shiny Rod - Sorry 'bout that, but it's better than getting a ticket on an expired sticker!

    SALeAnn - I thought about them, but they always seem so busy. I just wanted to pop in and not have to leave my van. I went to Holstein's. Super nice bunch!

    The Dish - Amazing, isn't it? Government, hard at work for us?

    Vinomom - Yes, we have to do it every year, not just because I let mine expire.

    Voyeur36 - Sounds like here, only ours is every year regardless of the age of the vehicle. And they stick it on the lower left hand corner of the windshield, so the cops can see it.

    Dave - yes, it is a scam!

    BB - Got your email - LOVED it!

    Efen - Sorry! :-) State government has some very creative ways of getting money from us, huh?

    Ginger - Our yearly registration is only $30, but we also pay personal property taxes (on home/vehicles, even if they're already paid in full) and that'll kill ya.

  21. Ugh - hate car inspections. Mine failed last month $2000.00 later. I have a pretty purple sticker good for two year, at least it's purple :)

  22. You know our mutual "friend"? He went straight on the inspection and rejected my ass this last time! Bastid.