Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Case of the Missing Wine Glass

Several years ago, I purchased some wine glasses. There were 4 in the package and I remember that they were relatively inexpensive....I think I got them at Target.

Even though the price was cheap, they don't "feel" cheap.

Almost immediately after purchasing them, I dropped one and broke it. So, I was down to 3. Oh well....

Then I was at another store (probably the Mart of Wal) and spied a set of 4 wine glasses for a ridiculously cheap price, I figured if I needed 4 glasses, they might come in handy, since my "good" ones were down to 3.

These are really cheap feeling, but functional and if I take a glass out on the patio, I'll chose one of these because I don't care if I break one.

Of course, I still have all 4 of these.

The other day, the Evil Twin was rearranging the dishwasher and broke one of my "good" glasses. I was disappointed, but still had 2 left, right? Yep, that would work and I can always use the cheaper ones in a pinch.

And, thusly, this was working out good for me.

Until another one of my "good" ones went missing! Now, I am down to ONE! No one broke one, I don't walk around the house with them, so it's not as if I would misplace one.

I have looked in ALL the cabinets thoroughly to check if one had been placed in an odd spot by accident.

That wine glass is nowhere to be found. I've even looked under the couches and beds - and of course, what would it be doing there anyway?? But, I still had to look - just in case.

It's driving me mad, I tell ya!

If anyone has any information on my missing wine glass, let me know, k? Meanwhile, I will let you know if the renegade wine glass turns up on its' own, too.

I'll probably go buy a new set and THEN find it. :-)


  1. I betcha ET broke another one and snuck it out in the garbage....

  2. I don't know the location of the wine glass but I can offer a solution...don't boxes of wine usually have a tap of sorts? You could rig up the tap with a hose such that you drink straight from the source. Keep the glasses for especially fancy times...

  3. Now that you mention it, I did see a wine glass with a lost look about it rolling down Route 60 the other day. It was heading east. Perhaps it's trying to make it's way to the beach so that it can feel the frozen joy of a beachy alcoslushy inside it.

  4. I have that same set from Target, and I am now down to one glass. The other three were not long for this world....they all disappeared during our stint in New Orleans...not surprising, considering all the partying we did before kids came along! BTW, I also had one glass disappear. I think someone broke it at a party and got rid of it, instead of telling me it broke.

  5. Could I just suggest that you and GiGi combine your each of your single glasses and alternate custody of the pair weekly?

  6. Did you look in the dryer? It might be hanging out with that rogue sock! Those socks can be a bad influence ...

  7. Maybe it got drunk and mistakenly went to Target, where it lived before, instead of its newish address. Or ran away to join the circus.

  8. I have a set of 4 really beautiful hand painted expensive wine glasses that I bought at an after Christmas sale a few years go. I keep them in the China Cabinet and rarely use them. One of them went missing earlier this year. My housekeeper found it in the guest bathroom half filled of Sangria and housing fruit flies. I am blaming one of my sister's friends but I don't really know what happened.

  9. Someone sent me a link today, to a site called geekologie, where he showed an "around the neck" holder for wine glasses. Maybe you need one of those!

  10. 1 those around the neck wine glass holders are dangerous! You can only put so much wine in them or they'll spill and then you drink WAY more than you intend...

    2. I'd look in the bushes off the deck/porch, in the bathroom or in the fridge. Don't ask why, just check. Hmmkay?

  11. I think Buddy has been partaking of the Nectar of the Gods!

    I can't stand glass wine glasses. I get pretty plastic ones and drink out of those unless they are all dirty.

  12. I think somebody is drinking to much wine!!! (just kidding!)

    You know what, this has happened to me as well..a pampered chef dish that I used ALL THE TIME and it just disappeared...I know where your wine glass and my pampered chef dish are...the same place all the socks go to when your doing laundry...ya, ya that's the ticket!

  13. I am so, like, OVE-UH, expensive wine glasses since I break them 20-foe. But Target is now carrying the cheaper version of the expensive brand glasses, so problem solved!

  14. I am down to 1 white and 1 red from 4 of each. I understand...

  15. I lost the lid to my Dutch oven about fifteen years ago. Never did find it, even through packing for two moves.

    UNTIL THIS YEAR. Unpacked the kitchen boxes, and guess what? There was the long-lost Dutch oven lid.

    Sadly, the Dutch oven hand long-since been ditched.

    But I still have that lid, dammit.

  16. Anonymous - I did quiz him on that and he vehemently denies any involvement.

    Warren - Then I could feel even trashier than I do when I pull the wine bladder out of the box and put it on the coffee table for easy access!

    BB - LOL!

    Gigi - I'm the only one who uses these, and I know I didn't break it....very mysterious!

    Paige - That would be a great idea! I wished she and I lived closer together, though! :-)

    Dana - I did look IN the laundry room, but not in the dryer!

    Voyeur36 - You could have a point there.

    Karen - LOL! But at least it wasn't broken, right?

    Kenju - Hmmmm. That might be handy for me. :-)

    CuteElla - I did look in the fridge. Often I will stick a partially consumed glass in there before bed (I don't want to throw out half a glass!). I'll check the other locations....

    Vinomom - Why no glass glasses?

    Chandra - That's a plausible theory!

    SH - Looks like a trip to Target is in my future. And ours sells wine, now! How convenient! (said like the Church Lady on SNL).

    The Dish - This is starting to get alarming how many single wine glasses are out there....

    Jennifer - Now, you'll have to replace the Dutch Oven. :-)

  17. hmm, the bermuda triangle is my guess. i've lost my reading glasses so maybe they're with your wine glass in that damned triangle.

  18. Your wine glass is at my house, slumming with my Dollar Tree knock offs.

  19. I'm betting a squirrel got tired of slumming it and drinking his nut wine out of an acorn and took it upon himself to class it up and steal your wine glass!

  20. Wanna find super nice wine glasses cheap, go to HomeGoods on Corridor G a couple doors down from Target. I love that place. Really, really love that place.

  21. OMG!! Or maybe the Count got it!! One..... One wine glass!! Muhahahahahaaa!!!!!!!

  22. I cannot TELL you how many times this has happened to me. Wow, I guess it's a good thing I am currently knocked up and can't drink any wine!