Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More Thoughts

Thanks for all the words of support yesterday. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to respond, but Monday is my "busiest" day. That means: I head to the grocery store about mid-day, after I spend the morning catching up on as many blogs as I can, then I shop until around 2 ish and swoop around and pick up Buddy from school.

That way, I don't have to do too much getting Sissy in and out of the van a million times and he can keep an eye on her while I drag the groceries in.

At any rate, I'll be better about the replies today.

I can't say too much, but I did get some insight on the situation from a mutual friend and I know it's not about me and it's not only me. There! I feel better already.

It's really funny, actually, because the Evil Twin is agnostic - we both were when we got married, then I converted to Catholicism (after being raised Southern Baptist) back when Buddy was in pre-school. Should the Evil Twin divorce me? LOL. Amazingly, he is and has been very supportive in my decision for myself and the children to be raised in the Catholic faith.

There are a number of ideals within the Church that I disagree with, but the Catholic Church is a 2000 year old institution and is not known for it's ability for change! :-)

One of the things I like the best about the faith is their inclusive nature. When we attend functions at my parish church, the Evil Twin will openly admit he is agnostic and he is treated no differently than anyone else. That makes me proud because that is spreading the faith by deed, not word.

Random thought of the day: Why are those who scream loudest about tolerance the least tolerant among us?

Peace and love to all,


  1. I am very surprised by your comment about the Catholic church's "inclusive nature", because I have the exact opposite experience with them. It's too much to leave in a comment here, and I'm sure there's a post about it somewhere in my blog...But hubby is Catholic and I am Methodist. I was going to convert before we got married, but there were circumstances when we spoke to the Priest that made me realize it was not right for me. There were some issues I just couldn't come to terms with. Still can't, truth be told. I'm glad it works out for you and your family. We attend a Catholic service about monthly as a family, but my son attends Sunday school (and I teach it) at our Methodist church that we attend regularly, and we consider that our "family church".

  2. Glad your friend issue isn't about you, but really how could it have been? Your sweet and tolerant so if it was about you, you would have known. I have a problem with a church trying to tell me what is right or wrong based on a book or someone else moral code. I leave it to me to judge what is right or wrong.

  3. I'm sorry that you felt you had to defend your faith today. I grew up in a church that was half way between Protestant and Catholic, kinda. I was pleaed with the fact that it did adapt, to some degree, and I always felt a lot of warmth from the congregation.

  4. That is a great thought of the day - all too true!

    I haven't gone to church in years but I was raised Mormon. I do miss the influence of God in my life sometimes - but it would take a lot to get me in a church pew on a Sunday morning!

  5. I'm glad you feel better about things. I am not Catholic but do have great respect for their inclusive nature. It wasn't something I thought about before until I moved to Utah and basically have been given first-hand knowledge of discrimination and intolerance. It stinks.

    A lot of my family is Catholic and it just would never occur to them to ignore us or condemn us for being Baptist! We've had many friends who were catholic and it's just never been an issue to them or to us.

    The Catholic Church is really the only other religion that has a decent presence here in Salt Lake. We have been so hungry for a Church service we've often wondered if we could just go on a Sunday morning. Guess that would be weird, huh?

    Sorry for the big comment! You have a great attitude!!!!

  6. I love your ending thought. I was accused of intolerence recently by somebody who doesn't quite practice what they preach. I was shocked because I was being labeled by my faith and not by my actions. Ironic isn't it.

  7. I missed the post yesterday, just read it..W.T.F.?

    The Catholic church as far as I am concerned has a stick so far up its ass that I am surprised it has any followers at all. Yeah..you can bring whomever you want but if you aren't already lining their pockets, you will be asked to very soon.

    Yes, I am an active catholic so I can rag on the church as much as I want. I stay because of the traditional family ties to the church. My kids go to catholic school just as I did, just as my parents did. I am godmother to two children which means I am going to drag their asses to church and through the sacrements too. My thought is it can't hurt. However, every year they do something else that pisses me off.

    Rant over.

  8. Faith and politics are those things that people go to war over...I think you got into a border skirmish maybe. Glad you came out with only minor (I hope) wounds

  9. 3C - I really think it has a lot to do with location. Some are just more laid back than others and I happen to go to a laid back one.

    Ron - To each his own. :-)

    AC - I'm glad there is so much diversity with religion, everyone can find something they're comfortable with (or choose nothing at all).

    Vinomom - I haven't been to Mass in a while, but when I went, it was the Saturday at 5 pm one! Yes, go to church, drink all night, sleep in on Sunday! Win-Win!

    A. - You might really like it. Call a local church and get their schedule. Many offer Saturday evening services that are typically less crowded.

    Robyn - Very ironic.

    Christine - The inability to yield on certain subjects gets on my nerves about the Church.

    Warren - I had never even talked about politics or religion with that one person, so I don't know what the deal is. He's the only one involved in the skirmish as far as I can see. And, I normally don't talk about those 2 subjects with *anyone* except in a general nature.

  10. Truer words than your closing thought have never been uttered. Both The Husband and myself consider ourselves spiritual people, but not religious. I think the point is to be a good and caring person to everyone, regardless of their house of worship.

    Glad you are sounding happier. Like I told you on FB the other day, friendship should be so much bigger than politics and religion. And I am proud to call you a friend. Big hugs!!!!!!

  11. Oooh, the old friend is going into hiding? Mysterious!

    So what made you convert to Catholicism instead of something else?

  12. So, is there going to be any reveal about what's up with the psycho ex?

  13. Your final thought is something I think about all the time. I have friend who is a lesbian. She says all that she wants is for lifestyle to be accepted and respected. But she has absolutely no capacity to respect people who disagree with her lifestyle. Those people are automatically ignorant and intolerant - even when they are doing nothing to offend her personally.

    I tried to tell her that if she wants understanding and respect from others she has to give that respect to people who have different beliefs than she does. She was offended and told me that I would never understand because I am not gay. Eh, I just keep my opinions to myself on that topic from now on.

  14. Amen to the peace and love to all! You already know how I feel about my Catholic upbringing not working for me, but I will say that there are some things I miss about church. Mostly, it's the gorgeous old churches and the music, but that's something ;)

  15. ETW, I'm totally in shock here. I missed getting to read yesterday, and I'm just starting to play catch-up today. Even though I loathe the dude you're talking about (if he's the same one I'm thinking of) because he did me two bad turns and I did him none (WTF was up with either of those I'll never know).

    Given how close the two of you have been and how consistently friendly he's been with you throughout, I have to think he's going through a phase or something. Hopefully, he'll grow out of it and think differently. If not, it's his decision and his loss, not yours.

  16. Wow honey- just getting caught up on your blog (knew a bit from FB) - holy shit...HIS loss! He's not worthy of your friendship nor is he worthy of your concern...he made his bed, let him lie in it! Btw...you know I'm catholic too...& I agree with you! :)

  17. I have to agree sometimes being a Catholic is rough. There are so many things I don't agree with, but yet I feel deeply about the things I've learned. Crazy !