Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Five

I got this meme from Karen at Smilin' Thru It All. I think it's supposed to be a Friday thing, but she bucked the system and did it on Sunday. I asked to play along and I'm going to also be a rebel and post it on Monday! So, put that in your pipe and smoke it!

The way this works is that she gives me five words, upon which I am supposed to show you my awesomeness about my thoughts on these words. Or something like that.

If you want to play along, leave a comment and I'll flip thru a dictionary and send you five words.

1. Gold - I only wear white gold. Yellow gold looks hideous with my skin tone. If it's not white gold, then it's sterling silver or at least silver colored. In fact, I am in the process of eliminating all yellow gold touches in our house as well. It gives me a goal in life. LOL.

2. Vacation - I'm mostly a homebody, but I do like to get away for a few days sometimes. Right now, my family is begging for a trip to the beach in Summer 2010. I'll see what I can do. Even though I swore off all family vacations after the Disney World Debacle of 2009.

3. Opera - Not much a fan of operas, but I have enjoyed a few in my lifetime. I also think anyone who can sing opera is exceedingly talented. It has to be difficult to hold those notes!

4. Feminism - I know you'll all be shocked to know that I am not a fan of feminism. I personally blame Gloria Steinem for the downfall of the nuclear family and all those other "I am woman, hear me roar" types of the early 70s. Now, we all know that females are the stronger gender - we make it all happen behind the scenes. I pay all the bills here, I go over the finances on a regular basis and basically do anything that doesn't involve yard work. The Evil Twin supports us by working and I tend to all the day to day activities/needs. I love getting mail from my sister in law. She always addresses the envelopes to Mrs. (His name) (Our last name). I'm the Mrs., so I know it's for me. The Evil Twin has his role and I have mine and we're happy with that. Sure, it's traditional, but we're not sticks in the mud, either. We love to have a good time and we love to laugh about stupid stuff. I could practically write a whole post on just this subject alone. Just so you know, I come from a long line of traditional women. One of my aunts never knew how a gas pump worked. I do pump my own gas. :-)

5. Watermelon - I love watermelon and honeydew melons. Not a big fan of the canteloupe, though. But, I love anything to do with watermelon - the smell, the candy form, liquid form, whatever. It's funny: the Evil Twin's mom was so sick when she was pregnant with him, all she could keep down was watermelon. Her doctor prescribed Thalidomide (later found to cause birth defects, but she only took one and said it didn't help - good thing because the Evil Twin might be sporting flippers for arms - not that there's anything wrong with that). Anyway, HE hates melons. I think that's unAmerican. Watermelon is a darn near perfect food. Add salt and you've got a party!

This was fun! :-)


  1. OK I'm game for five words, but do try to make them interesting :)

    Watermelon..... very good. I actually had a watermelon icee this weekend and it was tasty!!

  2. I'm right there with you on the feminism thing. Although, occasionally Paladin tries to say I'm using my feminist mystique when I'm arguing with him over something. I just call it good sense.

  3. I'm for eqality of the genders...and femininazis make me twitchy.

  4. Don't listen to a thing Honeywine says; it's lies, all lies (unless it's something good about me)! Seriously, though, yes she does occasionally pull that 'feminine mystique' card, and I don't buy into it. Women are better at some things, men at others, and it all more or less balances out in the end. It takes two to tango; nature has kind of set it up that way. But I wouldn't mind trying that meme thing you've got going; that looks like fun!

  5. I can agree to disagree about the feminism thing... but liking watermelon!? That might be a deal breaker!



  6. Not a melon fan either. But I buy it for The Husband when I am trying to be nice! But I definitely agree on the feminism thing. I am from a long line of traditional women. My Gma doesn't know how to pump gas!

  7. That is the proper way to address an envelope of a married woman. It is so rarely seen these days though. I have read threads on message boards about women being offended by this. I never really understood that.

    I am a tried and true feminist but that one I don't even get.

  8. I am still working on my five. Interesting what just one word conjures up in ones brain. You did a great job. ET doesn't know what he's missing. I have watermelon every morning for breakfats.

  9. I love watermelon also - but I am not sure about the salt part.

    I don't wear much yellow gold either. Most of my jewelry is platinum and my bumming around stuff is silver. But I my "every day" earrings are yellow gold hoops.

    And even as a strong career-minded woman, I despise the concept of feminism also.

  10. Oh what fun ! I want to play please. My mom signed my school papers Mrs. John Clark until the day I graduated high school :)

  11. I loathe all things watermelon, but like salt on cantaloupe.

    I find many aspects of feminism questionable. [I strongly suspect that Nancy - or her clone - was my Feminist Theory Professor back in college.]

    I, too, would love a list when you have time! I'm running very low in the creativity department these days!

  12. Cute! I love it!
    Yellow Gold is trashy and feminist only create more work for themselves (which has a trickling effect, thanks alot beotches). When they come out with a coupon for platinum maybe then I can chuck my gold too.LOL

  13. I wanna play, I wanna play!

    I would like words such as lascivious, though. :D

  14. Women are stronger. I see the stuff my wife does around the house and with the Little One and I could not do that job. I praise those strong women!

    Feminism was good for guys. Women wanted to have sex and burn their bras. Yeah to bra burning and sex!

    However, I do prefer my wife to be feminine not feminist.

  15. This sounds like one of the writing assignments in my journaling class! I'd love to give it a try if you get the time to send me five random words! Thanks! I love what you wrote about yours. :-)

  16. Feminism, it got a bum rap when the women who were espousing it most vocally, sounded exactly like the men whom they were accusing of being oppressive and brutish.

    Course I'm for the wimmins, I is one, but I'm for a few good men too ;->

    Okay, lots of good men...

    And Watermelon is my favorite food in the world.

  17. Can I get five words? It will be great the next time I can't think of a damn thing to say! And salt, on Watermelon?? What are you doing to God's great fruit?

  18. Oh, I'm totally game for five words and I'm giving up on this whole don't try to curse so much thing too. Just saying.

    You've restored my hope in my personhood because I hate watermelon and my whole family acts as if I'm an alien being when the melon comes out. I like the flavor, but hate the texture and the seeds. At least I can see from the comments here I'm not alone.

    On feminism, I'm neither a feminist nor a traditionalist. I think you probably fall into this category too. I'm a "personist" if I'm anything because equal opportunity for a person to fulfill their potential in their chosen field should not be dictated by anything more than their ability. To me, focusing on gender instead of the issue, which was equality, just made the arguments muddier and more separatist in nature.

  19. Salt ON watermelon?

    We have a pretty traditional marriage, too. I don't understand how people have separate finances in their marriages. Then what? Split bills 50/50? Figure out an accurate percentage based on differences in income?

  20. Oh yeah...I'm in too!

    Ok, now on watermelons...yuck...I don't care much for any of the melons that grow on vines...yuck!

  21. I got married so I would never have to pump my own gas or mow the lawn.

    Watermelon with salt and pepper...YUM. Perfect summer food.

    Fun list!

  22. I only wear white gold or platinum. I always thought gold looked weird on me!!

  23. Interesting what just one word conjures up in ones brain. You did a great job. Web hosting india

  24. What planet are these people on? YES, salt ON watermelon. And on cantaloupe. But not honeydew. ;)