Saturday, February 7, 2015

How I Met The Forest Bard

My life has taken a number of changes lately. I know I haven't written much in a while. 

But, let's go back in time quite a back to 1988. I was  in my second year of college and had moved out of the dorms and into an apartment. I met some other clowns around town who took me to a party around the corner one night. 

On that night, I happened to meet my bestest best friend at his house. This would be The Forest Bard, who shall now be known as TFB. He rented the coolest, most dilapidated college house ever and there was always something interesting going on at that abode. 

TFB and I have tried to stay in touch over time. But, he left the University and went to a different one. A year or two later, I went to his house in a different town. While all the boys ran up on the hill, his mom and I sat on the front porch and talked and talked. She was a hoot. (and I say "was" because, unfortunately, she is no longer physically with us). Anyhoodle, I had a fun night. Later that evening, his mom told him that he should be with me. 

However over the years, he was with other people and I was with other people and it just never worked out for us. 

We lost touch again. I got married and had Buddy. When Bud was around 2, we went to a family reunion at a local park and couldn't find the right shelter. We happened to stumble upon one small park office and Buddy's dad went in to ask for help. When he came back out, he said, "You won't believe who is working there." and then TFB walked out. He was the only employee on duty that day. Of course, I flew out of the car to give him a big hug, since I had missed him so much over the years we had not been in touch. 

Then, he moved again (a long story, but I understand why he did what he did). Once again, we lost touch. Eventually, we got back together thru social media and by that time, he had moved back closer to where I am. He was (and still is) taking care of his non-ambulatory elderly grandmother - again making it hard for us to have face to face visits, but we would stay in touch by email or phone. 

I got in some legal trouble and called him out of the blue. He said, "I've got plenty of room, come stay here." So, instead of living in my van, I drove an hour and crashed in his living room. I figured it was temporary. We never had a romantic relationship or even anything remotely close to had always been platonic. 

Somehow, things moved from platonic to more intimate and now we are best friends and also engaged to be married. 

It's kinda cool when you've known a person for 27 years and then finally get it together. 

Here's the fortune cookie I got on New Year's:

So, that's the short version of what's been going on with me where I haven't really been writing much. 

Happy Saturday, hooligans!

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