Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rolling on the Dog

I know I've talked about Pip in the past, but for the uninitiated, she's a jackahuahua (part chihuahua and part Jack Russell Terrier...we think. She was a rescue dog, but that's our best guess.) 

Anyhoodle, she sleeps with me and TFB every night. Every so often, I'll wake up to peek around, just to make sure she's in her rightful spot(s) - she likes to take up the whole bed if she can and she also will tuck herself in if it's a little chilly.

So, I woke up and didn't see her. It was super early in the morning and I was only half awake plus I had sleepy sand in my eyes. I turned with my head facing the foot board because her little princess bed and food and water neater feeder dish are down there so I figured she might be there. 

I started to panic and asked TFB, "Where's the dog? Where's the dog?"

TFB: "You're rolling on her. And, you're rolling on me, too."

I was rolling around, kinda in the middle of the bed  and on TFB's legs and feet and fretting about where the dog was. 

All the sudden, a little white head comes popping out the bottom of the covers.

I had been rolling all over whilst looking for the stupid thing.

She was no worse for the wear and she seemed to forgive me pretty quickly. She's a good li'l pup (if you consider a 15 lb, 2 yr old Jackahuahua to be a pup....that is LOL.)

So, there ya go. I almost steamrolled my dog half to pieces. 

Maybe she'll think twice about crawling under those sheets again. :-)

Happy Wednesday, hooligans. 


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