Sunday, February 15, 2015

Funny Butt Story #2

The FBD and I spend most of our days taking care of his 95 year old grandmama. It's an interesting and busy job. We also do all the laundry, dishes, trash and we take care of his teen daughter, two dogs, a cat and his dad who has an important job. 

So, when his dad goes to his job, TFB and I spend time hanging with grandmama.

A few days ago, we were sitting side by side on the main couch and I happened to notice the top part of a clean sock hanging out the back ouf his pj trousers. 

Of course, I was disgusted,  but I pulled that sock out anyway. 

I think he has worn it everyday since. On his right foot. 

Boys. Sheesh. It's his lucky sock. His butt sock.

Happy Sunday, hooligans.



  1. Sometimes you need a sock in the PJ's to keep certain things warm, just sayin.

  2. So, that's where all the socks in the laundry disappear to.