Tuesday, February 10, 2015


My bonus daughter has a little kitty. She's a super sweet little kitty and we love her. She's extremely loud and meowerly, though. It's not a big deal. 

She likes to come into mine and TFBs room in the mornings after his daughter leaves for school so she can hang out with Pip. She and Pip are both spayed females, but Pip enjoys "humping" her and I think Fifi enjoys the extra attention, if you know what I mean. 

It's fairly disturbing, honestly. All of us just try to act like there is nothing out of the ordinary. 

Anyhoodle, we have a little doggie door that opens into a fenced in area in the back yard. Both Pip and Fifi love that door. 

Fifi likes to bring in wildlife, like earthworms and mice from out back. Horrifying, but that.s what cats do. 

TFB and I went down the road to the local shop and when we got home, his dad told us a story about Feefs.

She had come in thru the dog door and was carrying on. He finally noticed that she was standing near a dead mouse. He threw it out the doggie door and she went after it. 

A few minutes later, that cat and the dead mouse were back indoors. He got another piece of paper towel and threw the dead thing out again. The cat ran after it and a few minutes later, the cat and the dead thing were back in the den. 

Third time, he threw the mouse out (using a paper towel), only this time, the cat didn't run out after it. 

He just gave us this caveat, "if you smell something stinky, look around for a dead mouse because I don't know if she dragged it back in." GROSS!!!  


Happy Tuesday, hooligans! Enjoy your day! 


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