Monday, February 16, 2015

Pirate Dog

So, y'all know we have Pip the Pup. She's a good little jackahuahua doggie (that's half chi/half jack russell terrier going on), but she's also a little scavenger. She will steal any food she can get her paws on. 

TFB went down the hall earlier to give his Ma a treat. Instead of only one cookie, he gave her two cookies. Chips Ahoy to be specific. 

Ma ate her first cookie and then stuck her 2nd cookie under her blankie.....This woman is 94 yrs old and is non ambulatory. She is a perfect prey for the cat and the dog for food stealing.

Unfortunately, the dog is the worst offender. 

Ma had her Chips Ahoys and guess who jumped up like a gazelle and snatched that 2nd cookie?
I'm not naming any names, but it begins with "P".

That's okay. TFB gives Ma milk bone treats to give to the food pirate and Ma tries to eat those, so I guess it's fair play.

And that's why we call her Pimpleton P. Pig (the dog, not Ma). 

Happy Monday, hooligans! 


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