Friday, November 8, 2013

Yay Friday, Indeed!

A fried on Facebook posted "Yay, Friday" for her status update and I thought, "I am so stealing that!!" 

I'm glad it's Friday too - and the kids' are off on Monday, so we have a long weekend. 

This has been a very long week here, so I'm just glad I can file this one in the "Next!" bin. 

The Evil Twin's biopsy on his skin tag thing came back....It's benign!! Yippee! He is recovering nicely, the swelling has gone down on his lip and he's taking his antibiotics as prescribed. 

Now, we just have to wait for an appointment on his PET scan. They said that would be in December, so hopefully, we'll get a date before too long. We'll see what the results are there (fingers crossed there is no cancerous activity in his neck at all! There's that one slightly larger than "normal" lymph node, which, as his oncologist assured us may just be a lymph node that's taking a little longer to heal up and get back to a regular size...)

So, I mentioned before that we're both seeing a new primary care doctor. We both really like her. She put me back on Zoloft (thank goodness, my stress and nerves were about shot) and sent me for blood work on my hormone levels because I had mentioned that I think I might be either in menopause or pre or whatever. Since I had a partial hysterectomy a few years ago, I guess my levels are the only way we'll know for sure. 

Well, that and my zero to bitchtastic attitude, night sweats, insomnia, along with some other symptoms. We'll see. I don't really mind getting older or having these things happen - it's all a part of the natural course of life - but I would like to know for sure what's going on and if there's anything to be done to lessen the impact, that would be nice. 

You guys know I'm brutally honest around here, so when I hear something, I'll let you know....I know you'll all be waiting in breathless anticipation (not!).   

Okay, I think I'm caught up on my dull yet stressful and anxiety filled week. I hope you all enjoy your Friday, hooligans and if you are off on Monday, enjoy your holiday day! 


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  1. I am so glad to know that the skin tag was benign! Good news. I hope all continues to be good news!