Friday, November 15, 2013

Little of This....

Well, it's the end of the week and mine has been pretty dull. 

I did have a follow up appointment with our new primary care physician. All my blood work came back great. My cholesterol is great, my thyroid is great, blood sugar is great....all around aces. 

Which means I am not in early menopause or any other pause. Apparently, my only excuse for my bad attitude is a medical condition called"Bitchitis". However, I am happy to report the new medication she put me on is helping immensely and so I picked up my regular amount yesterday after my appointment. 

We had a phone call from one of the Evil Twin's oncology offices (he has 2 - one for radiation oncology and one for medical oncology) and they've scheduled his PET scan already for MONDAY Nov. 18. We had been told it would be at some point in December, so I'm just glad he'll be moving forward a bit and getting some more answers for things before we have to make other decisions (or not....depends on how the test turns out, really). 

With the yucky time change (I hate when it goes back an hour), I've been getting in bed earlier, which means I'm asleep earlier and then subsequently awake earlier in the morning. This is fine Monday thru Friday because the kids have to get up for school anyway and it gives me time to get my morning routine things set and Bella the Cat and Pip the Pup taken care of. 

Apparently, everyone loves breakfast and bathroom time around here in the mornings. I just kind of shuffle through it.  

Got the kids off to school, then came back and paid some bills, cleaned up the kitchen a bit, grabbed some coffee and then promptly conked out on the couch again. It's cold here, yo! I cannot get motivated! 

Enjoy your Friday, hooligans. I'll spend my weekend taking Sissy to her bowling league, planning next week's grocery trip and making phone calls. I'm sure it'll be every bit as exciting as it sounds!!! 


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  1. I sure do hope that the pet scan results are wonderful!! (I have bitchitis too.)