Monday, November 4, 2013

Sometimes Being Sick Does Pay Off

My allergies were acting up last week, then I started having a sore throat (not normal with my allergies). Buddy had been sounding all stopped up for a few days I immediately thought of all the little germ wagons he and Sissy attend school with every day and knew it was my turn, too. 

Plus, I had spent a few hours in our new doctors' office (more on that later) the week prior with a dude who may have been 20 years old, max, but he didn't look so hot. 

I thought, "Dammit, I probably touched the same pen he did with his filthy flu germs or whatnot!"

I didn't know what was going on. 

Turns out, I had a garden variety cold along with my seasonal allergies, so I only FELT like I was going to die. 

Fortunately, after a few days and a weekend of rest and relaxation, I feel much better! 

Unfortunately, all the things I had to put on the back burner last week were just waiting for me this week! Yay! 

Numero uno: The registration for the Evil Twin's car was due for renewal by Nov. 1. I was too sick to make it there last week, but I made it this morning. Mission accomplished. His car is legal for another year in WV. (For the unaware, WV taxes its' citizens to within inches of their lives. This means we have to "register" our vehicles every year and also pay taxes on them, even if they're already paid for). 

Numero dos: The Evil Twin and I decided to switch to a new primary care physician. We both saw her last week. Along with a list of blood (lab) work she gave me, I was also prescribed a new medication (one I had taken before, but stopped, but shouldn't have...long story...). The new med made me sleepy. Then, I got the allergies/creeping crud, so lab work went on the back burner. After car registration time, I went to the lab. Mission accomplished.

Numero tres: The Evil Twin also had an appointment with his ENT and they found a "skin tag" sort of growth on his lip. Well, for anyone who is a cancer patient, extra growths mean "immediate biopsy". That was scheduled for this morning and the Evil Twin is home and resting now. His "growth"is floating in some super secret science-worthy solution and on the way to another super secret (and I'm sure expensive) lab for biopsy. Good news? The doctor said, "It's probably not cancer." Thanks, doc! So, Mission accomplished there as well. 

I do have to run by the grocery for a few food items and also to have a prescription filled for antibiotics. I spend so much time at that pharmacy, I'm pretty sure I should be on the daggone payroll. Just for being ME. 

They don't see it that way, hooligans, so ya know...their loss. Whatevs. :::ETW stock withering eye movement:::: 

I hope you all have a lovely Monday and even moreso, a lovely WEEK! Let's make it the BEST. WEEK. EVER! Say something nice to a co-worker (even the one who smells like eggs and spends too much time in the bathroom), help a child get a cheap trinket from the silly vending machines at a store, pay for breakfast for the person behind you at a fast food place....What goes around, comes around! 


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