Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Day Off for a Hausfrau

I had officially declared today to be my "day off", but that's really just a euphemism for "I'm not going to the grocery store AGAIN today (but I probably will because I'm out of ice cream)." 

Today will consist of resting a bit, but then mostly, taking care of banking/bills, making some phone calls, taking care of the Evil Twin, breaking up squabbles between my two "clients" (the dog and cat) and maybe putting on some make up and brushing my teeth. 

Yesterday, the Evil Twin and I were able to mark a couple of things of my "to do" list....

Before the Evil Twin got sick and lost his sense of taste, he loved sodas. So does Buddy, our almost 16 year old son. I quit drinking sodas years ago and Sissy will have a Sprite or an orange soda every now and then, but she likes her ice water.

Anyway, just between the two guys, I bought a ton of canned sodas. Back when I was in college, we had a can crusher in our little rented house and my then boyfriend and I would save the cans (lots of beer cans back in those days), then sell them for ...what?... MORE BEER MONEY. 

We're anti-hippies around here and don't recycle, besides, I figure if anyone is going to make money off the shit I need to throw away, it may as well be me. Amiright? 

So, I bought a can crusher for the workshop room and we started saving all those soda cans. Even after the Evil Twin stopped drinking sodas (because he has no taste buds right now), Buddy and his zitty teenage friends powered through the sodas. 

We had several of those really, really big black bags full. Yesterday, the Evil Twin and I took them to the recycling place and lo and behold! We made $30! (We had told Sissy she could have some of it for helping crush, so we gave her $10 and I put the other $20 back for Buddy's Christmas money). 

From there, we drove on the Mart of Wal where I sprang the items I had put on layaway for Sissy's Christmas. We won't have a big Christmas this year, but I think we chose the type of things Sissy loves to play with and Buddy will just get cash for his checking account. 

All in all, it was a good day and I'm glad to get those 2 things marked off my list. Now, I can concentrate on the next couple of things. 

I like to pace myself, y'all. 

I hope all my hooligans have a wonderful Wednesday!


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  1. feels good to tick some things off the 'to do' list, doesn't it? - Tiff