Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's 2011

The Evil Twin has been on me lately: "When are you going to post something new to your blog?"

When I darn well feel like it. And, when I actually have time.

My sister and I had a blast while she was here, but she left on Friday (2/11) to fly back home. We spent our time together talking and watching trashy TV shows. It was AWESOMESAUCE!

Before she left, we went to get matching tattoos. A way to bond even further. It was weird how we automatically agreed on a style and color. Once we saw "the one", we both knew it was "the one". And here it is:

It's a celtic knot symbolizing always and forever. We chose the blue for our blue eyes. This picture was taken at the shop right after it was finished, so it looks a little puffy, but I'll get a better shot when it heals up all the way. I got mine on my upper right arm and she got hers about mid-calf level on her right leg. We had the same artist do them both, so they'd be as close to identical as possible.

I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I've always wanted one on my upper arm and I love it so much, I'll probably get a crick in my neck turning to look at it! :-)

We just had such a great time together and I hope we can get together again in the near future.

As soon as my sister left, we have another houseguest. One of my closest friends, who is a single mom, is working on her education (I think post grad degree), and has to be in a different state for a week or so at a time every now and then. Her son and Buddy are also friends, so Buddy's pal is spending the week with us. So, I fixed up the guest room and voila! We have "the more the merrier" going on!

Sissy has pre-school today and they'll be exchanging Valentine's cards. There aren't many girls in her class, so I went with the puppies and kitten cards - even though I really wanted to pick the Tinkerbell ones. LOL.

I bought all 3 kids (Buddy, Sissy, and Buddy's friend) small heart boxes of chocolates and one slightly larger for the Evil Twin and I to share. I'll hook everyone up after school/work. I did NOT want to send the kids to school all hopped up on sugar first thing in the morning. (Teachers: You are very welcome. See? I do think of you!)

Have a wonderful Monday/Valentine's Day, my hooligans and I will see you tomorrow.



  1. Your tattoo looks great. Love the symbolism behind it and that your sister got the same one as well. Very cool.

  2. Cool tat.

    Glad you and your sister had such a great time!

  3. Love the new tattoo, what a nice thing for the two of you to do together.

    Happy Valentine's Day ETW!

  4. That is an awesome Tat! Congrats!, what other "new" blog?

  5. I always did like those celtic knot designs, lookin good!!