Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I've declared today to be a day of nothingness. Well, only a partial day of nothingness, really. I have to empty and reload the dishwasher, laundry to do and then tonight is when the party really starts. I have an MRI downtown at my LEAST favorite hospital at 6:30P.

Being in that tube doesn't bother me much anymore. I've done it more times than I can remember. I could probably sleep in there, although it sounds like an industrial band is playing just for me. All that clicking, clacking and banging isn't real conducive to a sleepy state.

So, I will catch up on my rest today - as time permits - and jump back into real life tomorrow.

That means grocery shopping! Having 2 teenaged boys in the house for 9 days took a toll on my stock of food stuffs. LOL. I even went shopping twice last week! And I mean real shopping, not just running in for one or two things. It's all good. The boys didn't have any disagreements. They do go to different schools, but that school break was all they had away from each other. I guess the Wii, an Xbox and a laptop were enough to keep them busy and not want to kill each other. LOL.

N's mom's flight arrived in really late last night, so she came to pick him up this morning for school. I know she is exhausted.

Welp, my new tattoo is all peeling like a sunburn (normal) and itchy (normal), so I'mma put some Aquaphor on that beyotch and keep working on my grocery list!

Have a happy Tuesday, hooligans!



  1. Well, good luck to you today..although it does sound like you have things pretty well under control.

  2. Do they give you music to listen to while you do your MRI? The place I go does (not that it helps, those noises are loud as hell) but I always fall asleep! I love MRI time cos I just get to rest for 30 minutes. Sick, I know. ;)

  3. Just don't pass gas in that tube as it tends to linger in that confined space.... don't ask how I know this.

  4. I had a stroke a couple of months ago and I had a closed casket MRI and I hated it. Does the Evil Twin's group health insurance pay for an open MRI?