Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Family Recipes

After several weeks of no inspiration, I am finally back to my old self and participating in the Madhouse project.

The topic this week is Family Recipes. My mom was an amazing Southern cook. I also have many aunts in the family who are amazing cooks. So, I've amassed a stack of awesome recipes over the years.

Some of them, I have posted on my recipe blog.

Along the way, I've tweaked and perfected my own recipes as well.

I am the queen of the crockpot. Not the best baker in the world, but I make a mean pound cake. I love the crockpot because I can prep the night before (well, most things - some things have to wait until I'm throwing it all together to be prepped) and have a delicious dinner simmering all day long!

When I make recipes from my mom or other family members, I feel closer to them. When I met the Evil Twin, he was under 200lbs (a bit skinny for my liking LOL), but then after my mom and I started with the dinners, he gained a lot! I'm proud of my beefy burrito. He is SO hot! And he loves my cooking. He loved eating at my parents' house too, but now that my parents have both passed away, I have to carry the food torch.

The Evil Twin carries on the tradition of my Dad's vegetable soup (located on the recipe site). That is good any old time, but especially good for a chilly weekend with crackers or rolls.

I hope you hooligans are having a lovely hump day! I'm just glad we are more than halfway through the week!


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  1. Crockpots Cooking Rocks. I do it often. Cheers ETW!!

  2. A friend of mine once mentioned she didn't and had never owned a crock-pot. I remedied that situation for her. I certainly couldn't live without mine!

  3. I am the queen of chubby chasers! When my husband lost a lot of weight I kept telling him he needed to eat because it looked like he had "manorexia". He's since gained some of the weight back and looks much better (and hotter!).

  4. Beefy Burrito - Cute.
    I love Crock Potting as well. Perfect way to serve nutritious meals for moms on the go.

  5. Thanks for the recipes. Are these the ones you feed the beefy burrito - just so I can order an extra size in everything.

  6. My crock pot is my friend. Except I rarely remember to start preparing my food in the morning, so unless I've planned ahead, I only think of it around noon, and by then it's usually too late to take advantage of it!

    I'll have to check out your recipe blog - I'm always on the hunt for new ideas.