Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It's hump day! And that means another round of the Madhouse. Today's topic is Insomnia.

I know others who have insomnia and they are really unhappy about it. I probably would be too, if sleep was so elusive. After a while of no sleep, I get a little mean feeling, all stabbity and stuff, ya know?

But, there are some days I wish I could say, "Ok, I'm going to squeeze the hours out of this day like it's my bitch." And, then get a lot of things accomplished and NOT be stabbity.

Unfortunately, I have the opposite of insomnia - quite nearly verging on narcolepsy. It's worse during the winter/colder months, though. I can kick my feet up and close my eyes and 10 minutes later, I'm sawing logs.

I should just change my name to LumberJill (or maybe SlumberJill?).

I have always been a fan of resting and naps. I'm a night owl, so that certainly doesn't help my daytime disposition any. Being a night owl runs in my family. As I've been told by my biological mother and sister, it's just a family trait. The Evil Twin is also a night owl. Buddy is a teen and likes to stay up late (on non-school nights) and Sissy routinely gets out of bed 4 to 5 times after her bedtime to "tell" us things or "ask" us things. We know she's just stalling and is a night owl along with the rest of us.

I do feel for those who don't come by sleeping easy. But, their houses are probably cleaner than mine (just kidding - I had to add some levity, there).

Well, I'm off to the races (meaning the Mart of Wal) soon, so I'll be exhausted by 4P.

Hope you hooligans have a wonderful Wednesday!



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  1. I have bouts of insomnia. My problem is that I just cannot shut off my brain. Xanax help, but I don't like to rely on it. Advil PM is my friend and when all else fails, a shot of nyquil.

  2. I am an insomniac but rest assured my house is not any cleaner because of it. If anything I spend more time trying to sleep than most people actually do sleep.

    I am also a nightowl and even if I do manage to get some sleep the night before my 5:30 wake-up does nothing to improve my disposition.

  3. I have problems with insomnia from time to time too. I also find it very difficult to nap. No matter how little sleep I've been getting, I often times try to nap and just can't go to sleep. It's frustrating.

  4. I know what you mean. I can sleep anywhere at any time. And I'm an incorrigible night owl.

    I'll never get morning people. What on earth can't wait until the afternoon?

  5. I have had small bouts of insomnia before and it is horrible. But, I sure do love my naps:)