Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I know I've been missing for quite some time, so I'm going to attempt some CPR on this here old blog. Y'all wouldn't believe the last few weeks I've had. I'll outline some of the high(?)lights in a later post, but let's just leave it at sick kids, holiday madness and chaos, sick me, getting back into the school routine and more sick kids and sick me, redux.

Christmas was really good, even with all the hectic nature of it. Everything came together nicely and right on time and we enjoyed it.

It went too fast, as usual. Before I knew it, it was time for the kids to return to school. I was enjoying my mornings of less hustle and bustle. And, I'm STILL easing back into the ol' routine. I'm nothing if not predictable and I have always been slow on changey type business.

Even though I have had 2 bouts with the creeping crud - and I'm still fighting episode II - I managed to make a few notes on my downtime for blog ideas. That should keep me in business at least a few more days.

I know y'all are ecstatic over that! What's life without your own personal dumb brunette to liven things up a bit? Not much, I'd say!

And with that, I need to really get started on my day here. Never a dull moment for the Mo-Mo - I'm like the Po Po, but not as legal and shit. I'm every bit as intimidating, authoritative and pastry-lovin' though! There's something to be said about that.,.. And I hope it's all good. I know my hooligans wouldn't want to hurt my feelings, anyway.

Have a great Tuesday, hooligans and come back for me. Shit's about to get REALZ around here. :-) Yay!



  1. Yuck... the flu bug has been going around big time, but so far so good for me. {knock on wood}Feel better soon and I look forward to hearing more exciting stories ;-)

  2. I hope that the flu will leave you alone soon. You are not a dumb brunette - I know it for a fact.

  3. You are getting back to writing...I'ma getting back to reading. I have been away from Blog land far too long. I am glad to see you are still here.