Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Some Things Never Change

And apparently, my ability to procrastinate is one of those never changing situations. It's been another busy week here at Casa Evil Twin.

Monday was Buddy's 15th birthday. I usually post about his birthday on the actual day, but it was also MLK day here (observed), so the kids didn't have school and the Evil Twin had the day off as well. We decided to just relax at home. Buddy wanted pizza for lunch, so that's what we had.

As he gets older, the withering looks at his dorky parents become more frequent, so we try to not be too corny about anything. It's hard, though, because I'm starting to believe that just my mere existence is reason enough for him to feel shame. LOL. I remember those feelings myself, so it doesn't hurt my feelings any. I know it'll pass.

We were back to the old grind yesterday, but Sissy had an orthodontist appointment in the afternoon, so I had to get her out of school a little early. She had one of those expander appliances put on right before Christmas, so this was a follow up appointment for that and also for them to put the bottom part of the appliance on. The bottom piece just snaps on, so it was quick and we made it back home much sooner than I had anticipated.

Now, it's Wednesday. My first day of NO family activities, no family home and nothing on my calendar in what feels like forever. I do need to make it to the grocery at some point, but I am not in any big rush to get out there. Shoot, it's 12:30P and I haven't even had a shower yet.

I do have some household chores I need to wrap up before school is out today, so I'm gonna run and get a few things accomplished.

Have a happy hump day, my hooligans and we'll chat more tomorrow (I hope!)



  1. Don't go out there!!! It's like a hundred below zero!!!

  2. I had to laugh about the withering looks. I remember them well - but I also remember giving them when I was a teen. I was embarrassed at the fact that my parents existed back then, so when my kids acted the same, I remembered and didn't take it too personally.