Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Buddy's Buddies

Momming a teenager is quite interesting. When he's in a good mood, we can have lots of fun joking around about stupid things. When he's not in a good mood...well, look out! I begin to wonder if it's the same sweet baby child from years ago.

Then again, he does look an awful lot like me, so I can't ever deny that one. He's mine, fo sho.

Like most kids his age, he does have a motley crew of other pimple faced youths he hangs out with. His best bud for the last few years just lives right up the street, so they walk home together and will often either both stop by here after school or both walk to his house to hang for a bit after school.

This boy is super sweet. He has a great family - they're all really nice folks.

We'll call Buddy's friend D, cause that's his initial. D is polite as all get out. He has also earned the nickname "The Loudest Teenager Alive" by the Evil Twin and I, because the kid has a powerful set of lungs. He just doesn't seem to have an inside voice, but he does have a big family, so maybe increased volume is needed at his house.

Anypoodle, one day D stopped by after school and he and Buddy went downstairs to play on the Wii (It had been in Buddy's room, but he decided it would be more fun on a larger TV in an area where there is also more room to move around). They played downstairs and I didn't think anything about it.

Later in the evening, after D had gone home, the Evil Twin went downstairs to work on his computer. Sissy was with him. I was cleaning up in the kitchen when the Evil Twin appeared in the doorway, holding a Magnadoodle. He held it up and said, "Sissy found this on the futon." Well, I thought he was just being silly, because the Magnadoodle said "Suck a Cock" - and seriously, that is something the Evil Twin would do and then blame it on invisible forces because he knows it would make me laugh.

I said, "No, she didn't! You wrote that! Stop being gross." He said, "I swear, I didn't write it." Then, he called for Buddy. I said, "That's not his handwriting, he didn't do that either." When Buddy saw it, he said, "D did that. I was playing Soul Caliber and he must have left it there." The Evil Twin said, "Well, your sister found it. Just tell your friends to hide evidence like this next time."

Of course, we both thought it was funny, in that typical teenage way. We didn't think it was funny Sissy found it, but even being a stellar reader, she didn't understand what it meant. The Evil Twin told her it didn't mean anything, it was just silly, but not to repeat it or think about it anymore.

I'm sure Buddy was mortified and if he mentioned it to D, I'm sure he's mortified too. If they only knew how much we have laughed about this incident, maybe they'd feel less mortified. Hell, who am I kidding? They're teenagers, they're mortified by everything. It's just their nature.

I hope this finds you in a cheery mood, my hooligans. Enjoy your Wednesday and I'll be back!



  1. LOL... ah to be a teenager again and do weird things for no reason.... wait a minute... I do weird things for no reason now :-)

  2. *I* snorted when I read it, too! Oh, to be a teenager again!

    [Not really.]


    Go to there. :-)

  4. Ha! We (I) have to be on the Things (Thing 1, really), about shouting out 'almost' curse words when gaming. Not that I really care if we hear it, but it just sounds bad.

    Especially out of MY baby's mouth. :)