Monday, December 17, 2012

Livin' la Vida...

And staying busy! As it happens every year, when Halloween approaches, my calendar goes on steroids and I'm left scrambling trying to fit it all in, get it all done, etc.

This madness continues until about March. After Thanksgiving, my neices' birthdays (one in Nov., one in Dec.), Christmas, Buddy's birthday (Jan) and Sissy's birthday (Feb) and the occasional threat of bad weather thrown in and it's a chaotic mix for sure.

Due to my crazy schedule and my MS, I've been having trouble making it to AA meetings on a regular basis. Well, long story short, my "sponsor" didn't like that and ask me to "rearrange my schedule so I'd be less exhausted and able to get to meetings more often."

After I asked her if she knew *anything* (even one fact would have sufficed) about MS, she replied, "No", nor was she willing to look anything up on my condition and considers most everything an "excuse", I told her to stuff it. And, poof! I'm done.

Just like that, my schedule cleared up a whole hell of a lot. The way I see it, her job is to give advice when it comes to alcoholism. Advise about any other health condition is outside of her expertise and is best left to the neurologists and those who must live with it. I have a choice to pick up a drink or not. I have no choice how, why or when MS will affect me. Not even I know that.

I'm a free agent. But, that does not mean I will abandon the program completely. I will still do my reading each day and I will stay in touch with a few people in the program I've come to know and trust. I just won't be going to those silly meetings.

I've never been a "joiner" and I don't enjoy hobnobbing, especially when so many people get on my nerves. Stress will drive me back to the bottle faster than not attending meetings will.

As I said, I am not falling back on my own freewill in this matter. I will continue with the principals of the program as I set out to do several months ago (that also being said, I have only been sober for 67 days...still yet, the longest time ever, not counting my pregnancies....where I did not drink, AT ALL). Anyhoot, there ya go.

It's a freeing experience. I feel good. Positive. Happy. Well, that and the fact I changed a certain someone's ringtone on my phone to the "wicked witch" music from Wizard of Oz. I'm not naming names or even implying who that might be. After all, it IS alcoholics ANONYMOUS for a reason, right?

Hey, batter, batter, batter....(I'm trying to distract you for a minute). Have a lovely Monday, hooligans and I'll be back.



  1. Congrats on 67 days!! Way to go! And I'm with you on that sponsor thing. I mean sure you have to be looking for someone to make excuses, but with medical conditions like MS do the research before making an assumption. You keep on kickin butt!

  2. Couldn't you request another sponsor? Ask for someone who is willing to read up on MS and how it affects you.

    And congratulations on reaching that milestone. I am very proud of you.

  3. I can't blame you for not wanting that person as a sponsor. Auto Immune Diseases are MUCH different than addiction issues. You have NO control how the illness will affect you.

    I'm proud of you for sticking with the program. Sixty seven days is a HUGE milestone!