Friday, December 9, 2011

The Blasted Economy

Alrighty, I'm not here to cast any aspersions or point any fingers. I'm just going to relay a true event that happened yesterday.

While my daughter was in testing, my son and I walked across the street to get lunch. Gino's (mostly known for their pizza, but they also offer other lunch foods) is a local thing. Owned by the same guy who owns my beloved Tudor's Biscuit World.

Tudor's is like crack wrapped up in crunchy paper. If you eat there, you will never forget that experience, and in fact, it might make you want to move to West Virginia. That's how good the food is.

Gino's - another fine food establishment known only to WV - also has tasty things on the menu.

We walked across the street. I had my mind squarely set on a pepperoni pizza bread. Buddy looked at the menu and chose an Italian Sub combo (with fries and a drink). Since I don't drink sodas, I had my handy water already in my handbag.

Now, I have eaten at Gino's many, many times in my sad existence in this pee-pee soaked hell hole (nearly 26 years) and have always loved the pizza bread. I figured it would be a nice, not too heavy lunch and all would be right with the world.

When my plate came, I observed an itty bitty "hoagie" roll. The pizza breads USED to be much larger. This little dingle dangle couldn't even fit a regular sized hot dog on it. My 5 year old would be starving after eating this disaster.

Plus, it scalded the roof of my mouth like an SOB. So, thanks, Gino's of South Charleston. #1. I was paying a load of money and #2. You ruined the top of my mouth with your stupid, hot, tiny sandwich (I'm not sure if it deserves the title of "sandwich".) The word "dinner roll" comes to mind much easier than "sandwich".

After the roof of my mouth cooled down and I ate a handful of Buddy's fries, it tasted really great. I could have used 3 of them. And, I am not a person who eats way too much.

Of course, I had to laugh about it later, because OBVIOUSLY. Teeny "sandwiches" are really funny (yet, not filling).

I won't be going back again.

Happy Friday, hooligans!



  1. That sucks on many levels. Tiny sammich is sucky and 3rd degree burns on your mouth (been there) really suck. Tasty is good though so it's not all bad.

  2. I have noticed this as well. Today, I laugh at what Domino's Pizza calls a large....

  3. Less for more seems to be the motto today. It aggravates the snot out of me. Raise the price if you HAVE to but don't raise the price AND reduce the size. Poopy.