Thursday, December 15, 2011

Busy Week

Sorry to go all MIA on you, my faithful four readers.

We set up our (fake) tree this weekend, but that was about it. The Evil Twin wasn't feeling well and went to bed as soon as he got in from work. So, we didn't do anything to the tree.

Tuesday evening, we checked the lights. One strand worked and one did not. I hauled my carcass to the Mart of K and bought new lights. We work as a team for lights and garland, cause it's easier than one person circling around the tree a million times.

The Evil Twin started the 2nd strand from the wrong end, so we had to unwind and redo. Then, we plugged it in. The top half of strand one (which had worked the day before) wasn't working (!!???).

Went to Rite Aid and bought another set. By the time we had done all the doing and re-doing and me going out to the store late, we decided we'd just have to fix it on Wednesday - now keep in mind, he's still sick and stayed home Tuesday and Wednesday. I had also come down with the creeping crud on Wednesday. I feel worse today, even.

But, it's hard to get motivated when you feel like crap on a cracker, ya know? Just to spice things up a bit, in addition to my mystery stomach problem, I woke up this morning with a sore throat and sinus pain. AWESOME! Now, I feel like two craps on a cracker.

Because I am old, my vision is not as good as it once was. I need prescription glasses for reading. Because I am lazy, I leave them in the case next to my computer. I put the school lunch menu up on the fridge. Well, I'm certainly not going to walk from the kitchen to the den (maybe 10 steps) to get the glasses, so I squint at the menu and read that today is an early dismissal day. That means I have to get Sissy at 1p. I bust my sick ass to get ready in time, then sit outside the school for about 10 minutes. I'm noticing there are no other parents there and the children weren't let out at 1, so I call the school office and find out the early dismissal is NEXT Thursday, the 22nd, not the 15th.

I suppose it's time for me to stock up on cheap readers and leave them all over the house. That's not really ideal, since my prescription is odd and not the same on both sides. In addition to being lazy, y'all know I'm cheap and I'm not paying a fortune for extra prescription glasses.

Luckily, the school is only a mile and a half from our house, so I just came on back, feeling like a douchecanoe, and here I sit waiting for regular pick up time to roll around.

I have so much to do today...the house needs a thorough vacuuming, if I don't get to the grocery soon, we may starve and there's something in the fridge that doesn't smell right (time to clean 'er out).

I'm going to zone out here for a few minutes, then go pick up my girl. I hope y'all are having a more productive week than me. :-)



  1. We are having one just as unproductive here. I have had the tree up but the cats are hell bent on destroying it in fun new ways every night. Hope you guys start feeling better soon!

  2. Hope you kick the crud's ass soon. I don't think anyone is productive this week... certainly not me.

  3. Finally got the tree trimmed last night, just in time for folks to come over for a regularly scheduled meeting. The Things did it. In a couple of years you'll be able to have YOUR kids do that too, and life will be, for a few minutes, glorious.

  4. sorry about the crud! It is finally on the way out of our house. Blech!