Friday, December 16, 2011

Dirty Bugs Are NOT Welcome In My Home

I make an exception for spiders, because I do love them, but I also scoop them up and deposit them back into nature.

This year has been exceptionally bad for a really gross looking bug we call a "stink bug". I don't know if they actually stink or not, because I'm not inclined to get my nose close enough to find out (living or dead).

In our first house, we always had the ladybug invasion every fall. At this house, where we have lived for over 7 years, we haven't had really much more than a few ant situations, and I'll see a ladybug or two. Not like the Amityville Horror house of ladybugs at the old neighborhood.

Anyway, I looked up "stink bugs" for y'all and found this disturbing image:

Isn't that gross? They like to get into the house somehow and then circle around the ceiling fan lights. It drives me and the cat nuts.

This morning, one got in and proceeded to buzz around my person. At one point, I thought it had landed in my hair. If I had a camera from a psych ward watching me, I'd be in a padded cell by now.

The Evil Twin has sprayed heavy duty bug spray on nearly every minute surface of our lawn (a double lot) and the exterior of the house. He has also managed to kill most of the plant growth around the property after he suffered a severe case of poison ivy.

I'm off to do some research on eradicating "stink bugs" now. I swear, if one ever lands on me, check the obituaries because I will have died from a heart attack, stroke or aneurysm.

Do you think a "No Dirty Bugs Allowed" sign would help much? Yeah, me neither.

I hope all you hooligans have a bug free Friday and enjoy the weekend.



  1. Oh God. They are so gross. I've always hated them because of they fly in erratic and unpredictable patterns and because they do indeed stink when they get scared or squished.
    I've hated them even more since the year I was clearing up the empty plastic bags that ANFO(prilled explosives made from amonia nitrate and fuel oil)comes in and found that they were living quite happily in the soggy chemical/plastic/rainwater mess. Like, what the hell kind of a creature can thrive in THAT???
    Also? Its rare, but if they get on you, they pinch really really hard and leave an itchy welt! Erradication should be everyone's priorty!

  2. I blame everything on the Stink Bugs!!! It's all their fault!

  3. Ick! My Mom used to get the Lady Bug invasion but they released some sort of massive toxic bug spray a few years ago that seems to be working for them. I've heard the stink bugs are bad there.

    We have a contract with Terminx. I don't do bugs. Or mice. Yes, I'm worried about pesticides but then I see a bug and freak and decide I can live with the toxins.

  4. They're not gross: they're one of God's little creatures who in his ineffable way created loads of stuff which any right thinking housewife would have veto'd at the dawn of creation.

    I think we call the little bugs vine weevels - they lay eggs in the soil near plants and their maggots eat away at the roots of said plants. Killing them dead. We tend to dispatch them dispassionately with a hammer or heel

  5. I try to shoot them (outside, of course) with a BB gun to hone my sharpshooter skills. I do like the hammer idea though.

  6. I should put up a sign on my home specifically for the bugs. I am all ok with them being outside the property, but any bug that decides to sneak in the house is genetically predisposed to die!