Friday, December 2, 2011

Facelift for the Home

The Evil Twin and I have wanted a ceiling fan in our bedroom since we moved in 7 years ago. We had one in our bedroom in our first house and really liked it.

Buddy had one in his room there as well. He was the first one to have a lighting change in his bedroom here. Couple years later, Sissy came along and I wanted to get her a fan, too.

#1. Everyone knows I'm cheap. #2. The Evil Twin does not like to deal with electricity issues (see #1: that means I have to hire someone to do the work AFTER the lighting is #3. It can take me days, months, years or merely minutes to decide on a purchase. I know it when I see it.

Finally, finally, finally, we decided to buy the lighting. Then, it took me about a month or more to muster up the ability to call the electrician. We have used this same electrician a number of times and he is really nice and his rates are reasonable, but I just have to "feel" like I'm ready to deal with stuff before I make the appointment. That's just how I roll.

Today was the big day! The ceiling fans look amazing and the kitchen light was also replaced and looks fantastic!

Plus, all the rooms are so much brighter. The Evil Twin and I do not enjoy the "bat cave" environment. Not that I have anything against bats (I think they're adorable), but lighting - particularly overhead lighting - is something we enjoy.

Yay for new lights!

Now that the electricians have finished and moved on to their next job, it's time for me to move on with my day, too. Hooligans, have a fab Friday and even better weekend!



  1. Lights and fans are good. Glad you aren't sitting around in the dark!

  2. Yes ...Lights and fans are good. There are some different designing lights and fans. If you use that it will be better..

  3. Woohoo! We love the ceiling fan in our room.