Tuesday, July 31, 2012

That Time of the Year

The start of the new school year is upon us. Our first day is August 17. I'm sure that day will be quick to get here. It always is when I am least prepared.

We have one newly entering High School (and I'm really not old enough to have a kid in High School), and one entering 1st grade.

We sent Buddy to a private Catholic school and spent a fortune on his education....He did better at the local public middle school.

Sissy has been at the public school all her teeny tiny little life. And, I.LOVE.IT.

The staff has been friendlier and more accessible - and we are out NO money - than the pricey private school. Our kids are both gifted in the smarts department.

School starts on a Friday! Sooooo stupid. Why not start on a Wednesday or something?

Anyway, it's looming large. I'm always a little nervous at the beginning of the year, but typically, it turns out fine.

I must say the families at the public schools are MUCH friendlier than the uptight bunch at the private school.

I went to a baby shower this past weekend for a mom whose son was in Sissy's kindergarten class. Everyone there was super nice and I was being my usual goofy self. They even laughed at my jokes - at the private school, I would have been looked at like I had a dick growing off my forehead for saying the same things.

Example: Mom at private school: "I've got 5 bottles of wine in my Nissan." Mom #2: "We just got back from wine country for our anniversary. I have 4 cases of wine in my Volvo." Me: "Well, I have a box o' wine in my fridge." Not even a snicker...They could have at least given me a pity laugh! Beyotches. (Actually, I like Volvo mom - She's uppity, I recognize her as such, but I also respect her. The other one just got on my last nerve, plus, she wasn't friendly to the children).

I guess what I'm trying to get at here is that I really like the public schools (the ones in our district at least).

I meant to post this yesterday, so I hope y'all had a happy Monday and I wish you a happy Tuesday as well. I miss my hooligans and can't wait to get this stupid cast off so I can type the "regular" way (as opposed to the slow hunt n' peck.)


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