Friday, July 20, 2012

Just Call Me Grace

I went to the Mart on Monday - just to pick up a prescription and some cat food. It was just me n Sissy.

We had just walked into the front doors, but before the 2nd glass doors where the carts are.

Suddenly, I was plunged ass over tits, the entire contents of my handbag tumbling out. I had on my Croc flops (my Croc flip flops I bought at Disney World - they have cute Mickey Mouse heads on them ).... Anyhoodle, I guess the rubbery sole stuck to the floor and I went down.

Because my handbag was on my left arm, I held out my right to break my fall. All it did was break my wrist.

Like the little trooper I am, I completed my shopping despite the excruciating pain. I mean, I was already there.... I wasn't wasting gas just to go back home empty (but still broken) handed.

I went for an xray that evening and was called on Tuesday to confirm my suspicions and got an an appointment for the orthopedic doc on Wednesday.

The day after my fall, my hand looked like this:

By mid day Wednesday, I left the docs office sporting this purple cast:

Yes, I am right handed and because I had two little breaks, they had to set the cast with my thumb immobilized and all jacked up out to the side. At least I still have a career as a hitchhiker. I can do some tasks with my first finger and cast in stone thumb, but writing isn't one of them.

I can still type, albeit slowly. So, my posting promises to be even more sporadic than usual.

I broke this wrist in the same place when I was 10 and wore the cast (without the jacked up thumb setting) for 6 weeks.

I have an appointment to go back in 3 weeks to get another xray...I'm hoping that means I have a chance to get this sucker off earlier than 6 weeks. I know it's going to be stinky, withered and weak, but maybe I can get a week-ish to recover before school starts on August 17th.

Ironically, just when I have loads of stuff to share, I may have to pace myself since even typing is time consuming for me. Bad for me, good for you? Debatable. I guess it depends on if you need some mediocre reading material on any given day or not.....Lucky you!!! It'll be like the mystery grab bag at the dicey beach mystore on The Strand. Only cheaper. :-)

And,that's it, my hooligans. Enjoy your Friday and weekend. Try doing chores with your non-dominant hand for a day and get a glimpse into ETW world. To experience the pain, I recommend a hammer to the wrist. Otherwise, just go for the one hand thing.

I'm sorry to seem like I'm whining - but, really, I'm just trying to make light of it. Some people are born without limbs or lose them entirely later in life. You learn to make the best of it and learn new ways to function. I have always had the utmost respect for those who won't be "the same" in 6 weeks or whatever. They gallantly overcome many challenges and live amazing lives. Now, my respect is really brought back to the forefront.

That's my story of shopping at the Mart and eventually getting a purple cast. Anyone want to swing by and help with re-doing the color in a week or so? You can see me *naked*. LOL.



  1. You fell in a Walmart... ummm... how many ambulance chasing lawyers have been beating down your door??? Hope it heals quick and you're free shorter than six weeks.

  2. No swimming for you then, eh? :( Heal up soon!

  3. I'm glad that you're okay. You know, other than the break(s). If I lived closer, I'd totally cover your cast with stick on tattoos.

    I'd also bake for you...and do the vacuuming. Here's to healing quickly!

  4. So sorry! I hope you heal quickly!